Holiday Linky, Elf and a Freebie!

I'm joining up with Daina from Sticky Notes and Glitter for a Holiday Linky!

When I think of holiday foods, two things come to mind:
True story: when we lived in Germany the Commissary would get a very limited supply of Archway cookies. And since we were overseas, it wasn't like we could just head to another store to get them. So, when the Wedding Cookies hit the shelves I would end up buying like 10 boxes! The cashiers thought I was nuts, but they are truly the best holiday cookie!

Alright, onto the classroom! Today we had Pajama Day/Movie Day. The kids watched Despicable Me 2 in the gym while the teachers got report cards/permanent records done. Well...actually I just picked up my permanent record cards and slapped them next to the pile of report cards, but its the thought that counts, right? I have NO IDEA what I did for that 2 hour window, except that I did eat a lot of beer batter bread and dip since the lounge is holiday goodie central now. I went in for coffee and came out 5lbs heavier!

For some reason I thought that we were actually going to be able to be academic this week. Umm, no, not so much. My kiddos were ALL over the place. It could've been the full moon, but the frequent counting down of days to Christmas makes me think its more Santa's fault. Seriously, they counted the days in line for breakfast. Forgot the count and counted again in line to go to the movie. Had to recount after the movie, debated whether to count today or not during lunch and finally decided not to only count to Christmas Eve. By the end of the day I wanted to tattoo the number 9 to my forehead just so they would stop counting lol!

Anyways, One thing they DIDN'T do was mess with our Elf. Am I the only one whose elf hasn't been touched yet?! Today our elf, Chippy, was playing tic tac toe with our friend Alpine!

Alright, I am off to contemplate procrastinating on report cards some more. I'll leave you with this little gift. Last year I created this fun little Holiday Gift Pack freebie as a thank you to all of my followers! Its still available for free in my TPT store in case you need something fun for the last few days before break!


Daina said...

That meatball sauce sounds delicious!!! I would have never thought of such a combination! :)

Thanks so much for sharing and linking up!!


KTPonTPT said...

I haven't had those wedding cookies in years- I forgot how tasty those are!! I need to look for some at the store soon!

Katie :)
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