January Math with Pictures, a Freebie and a chance to Win!

I cannot believe how fast time flies - it seems like just yesterday we were gearing up for Back to School and now its almost the end of January!

My requisite pic of Sullivan - his eczema is still going full force, we are seeing a pediatric dermatologist in February. He is still the happiest little guy ever though :)
My class thoroughly enjoyed our winter break and came back refreshed and with reinforcements! I now have 29 kiddos (ack!) and they run the gamut from so far behind I don't even know how to start them back on the proper track to so far ahead I am struggling to keep them challenged! It is absolutely amazing (and tiring!) how diverse my class is this year.

Today's post is all about the math   some of us are still working on K skills, some are firming up their grasp of 1st grade skills and some are ready to explore 2nd grade skills. Trying to manage math rotations with so many students and such diverse needs is making me stretch my organizational capabilities! I'm going to add pics of all of our Math Centers we've been working on so far:

I've been working on teaching measurement, as well as reviewing place value, number sense, addition and graphing. We have time to the hour down pat, now we are learning time to the half hour. I'm also focusing on writing the numbers from 109-120. We can fill in a mean 100 chart, but get past 109 and you see the strangest things! Fractions were easy for this group to understand - one less thing to worry about!
We also are reusing my Snowman Group Motivator from last year - aka an on-sale snowman decoration with reusable stickers! I think I paid $1.50 for it at Walmart after Christmas last year. I let my class add a sticker any time we are all behaving at carpet (29 kiddos get kinda wiggly!) The theory is that we will finish him before we finish January and we will get a dance party :)


 Penguin ten frames - first they matched them then I had them put the cards in numerical order!

Our Math Wall has penguin ten frame cards right now. I frequently switch them up so the kiddos have to be paying attention to them - anyone who figures out one is in the wrong place gets to clip up on our behavior chart :)
Now, here's your chance to win: Rustle up a Comment below and tell me your favorite math game to play in the classroom - it can be a board game, a made-up game, paper and pencil game-  anything, as long as its fun! I'll choose 2 commenters to win their choice of the math packs seen in this post!

12 Rustle Up A Response!:

Elyse R. said... Reply to comment

I love playing number bingo with my kiddos! It really helps with their number recognition at the beginning of the year. The better they get, the faster we play!
-Elyse @ A is for Apples

Kelly and Kim said... Reply to comment

Our students love playing cube games. They love to roll the cube, make tally marks, and then graph.
You are right about the magnifying glasses, the children swarm to that center!
Kelly and Kim’s Kindergarten Kreations

Kelly and Kim

Mrs. Brown said... Reply to comment

My kids love playing roll and record! We also play that with our sight words....this would be a great win!


Julie Davis said... Reply to comment

My students new favorite game is war. They love it and it's so easy to prep :)

Unknown said... Reply to comment

My students love to play what's my rule - a shape or number guessing game. We play by thinking of a rule and then guessing numbers or shapes that fit the rule. The students can also guess the rule once they know it. If they guess correctly they get to think of a rule. For example if we are using shapes my rule might be has 4 sides students then guess shapes and I tell them yes it fits or nope it doesn't. They love it! I made smart board slides to go with it too - so that they have a visual and get a better understanding of what shapes have been guessed already.


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I love playing addition games with the dice in dice. Also I love the iwb lesson from Lakeshore. It is a number recognition game and my kids love playing it.
Thanks for the information. Lnabors@kingwoodchristianschool.com

Cherie said... Reply to comment

I Spy Math Games are usually a big hit!


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

My favorite Math game with my Kindergarten English Language Learners is a game that combines sight words, a pair of die, and color and word association. I have a game currently in which the students take turns rolling a pair of die and have to color a seasonal color-by-number worksheet with math sight words. It's a great game for all the learning levels that combines so many learning objectives and the students have fun!

First Grade Carousel said... Reply to comment

Right now their favorite game is played in pairs. They roll two dice add the total and decide who has the greater answer. The one with the greater answer gets a point. At the end of time they add up their points. Your centers look wonderful! Maria

LaNessa said... Reply to comment

My kids love playing Bump of any kind-addition, numbers, subtraction, etc. kindercards@gmail.com

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I love to play "Make 10 Go Fish" or "Make 10 Memory" - the kids HAVE to say... I have 2, do you have an 8? to a person ~ if they get it they HAVE to say 2 plus 8 equals 10 and that is a match! Such good practice to put that verbal piece in also!

Unknown said... Reply to comment

The kids love MINGLE