February Random Acts of Kindness Calendar

Teaching Kindness in the Classroom

February is almost here, and with it, an opportunity to build your classroom community and encourage kindness among your students! Here is my FREE Random Acts of Classroom Kindness Calendar for February 2020. I've tried to make it as low-prep and budget friendly as possible, so that the acts are easy to implement in your classroom.

   Display it in your classroom in full color!

Or send home this b&w version so students' families can follow along at home!

Either way you choose, these simple (and affordable) ideas will soon have your students acting more loving! Every time I start random acts of kindness with a class, I notice that it has a ripple effect. My students internalize the message of being kind to one another and soon are holding the door for each other, speaking more kindly to one another, being more inclusive and realizing that their actions affect other people. Its a beautiful thing to see!

To grab your copy, just click the picture to or click here to download it for free in my TPT store!

I'm including some links and ideas for the acts of kindness marked with a red *, just to make this even easier for you to use in your classroom!

February 3rd: Add a fun flag to the sharpened pencils you leave for another class! Flags can turn your regular pencils into something magical, and motivate even the most reluctant writer. Grab this Valentine's Day Pencil Flags FREEBIE in my TPT store.

February 13th: Kindness stones are so fun to make - in the classroom, I paint the rocks a solid color with acrylic paint (available in any Hobby store) and then let students write positive words, flowers, hearts and stars on them with paint markers or Sharpies.
Or join the #share100smiles movement by painting happy faces on your rocks!

February 17th: Check out my Pinterest Play Dough Board for recipe ideas for the homemade play dough. My favorite is gingerbread dough - it makes retelling the story of The Gingerbread Man extra fun!

February 26th: If you need a quick way to make bookmarks for your library, check out my Pinterest Free Bookmarks Board for lots of FREE, fun options! Just print your choice, and then have students color and cut out!

February 28th: It's easy to make fun toys for homeless animals - send home a letter asking for supplies a few weeks beforehand, and this activity will cost next to nothing! Check out some ideas on my DIY Pet Toys Pinterest Board for some simple options for students to make in class! Bring the toys to an animal shelter when you're done - they're sure to appreciate it!

You can also check out these resources in my TPT store to help fill your February with kindness and learning opportunities:
My Martin Luther King, Jr. pack contains writing activities, art projects, a simple emergent reader and templates for a bulletin board display to help you teach about tolerance!

Check out these FREE Kindness and Character songs - great to add to your morning meeting to promote positive character traits! 

Spread kindness this February everyone!

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