Monster Spray, Veterans Day & a Freebie Hop!

Did you survive Halloween? My kiddos were actually pretty good both Thursday and Friday...or maybe I am just getting used to the craziness?! Sullivan spent most of the night exploring his hands - he is just learning how to get them in his mouth!

We had so much fun last week with Debbie Clement's Monster Spray song! Oh my goodness, I told my kiddos to close their eyes and imagine their monster as we listened to the song and I took the most precious video. I really wish I could share it because my kiddos were moving and dancing in their seats, spraying the monsters and at the end a chorus of voices called out "I got my monster!" "I know what mine looks like!" It was awesome! We made a class book and here are a few of their pages:

This week we are going to be learning Debbie's "Red, White and Blue" song for Veterans Day. I absolutely love the book that goes with the song! Such gorgeous illustrations and the song is super catchy. My kiddos always love learning the sign language too!

Before we hop into learning about Thanksgiving and all things turkey, we're having a week of Veterans Day fun! That includes a Veterans Day Roll & Graph as well as Roll & Cover games:

I'm also cutting and laminating my military ten frames from my Fall Holidays Ten Frames pack:

My student teacher is taking over more this week (poor thing, I'm having a hard time letting go and I know she's at that "Get out of here and let me try it on my own!" stage!) Wish us both luck - me in the letting go and her in taking over 100%!

If you're in the mood for some freebies (who isn't?!) then head over to my Facebook Page to see our Fall Freebie FB Hop! Tons of goodies for this time of year! Just click the picture below to go see it!

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