Red Ribbon Week, Character Pumpkins and Batty Equations!

Hi friends! Just a quick post to share some pictures with you! We're having Red Ribbon Week this week and we made the cutest door display:

 It is sooo cute! I adapted the template found here.

I love how they all came out so differently!

 I had no idea Yoda was in my class!

We did my Batty Equations Activity and my kiddos LOVED it! For some reason they all started picking sides, either wanting True to win or False to win (have the most). So glad it was a tie lol!

 I have come to understand that this group of kids loves to color! I mean, they will take 20 minutes coloring in borders and pictures before they even get to the meat of the work! We are working on getting the math done first and then coloring!

I sent home a Character Pumpkin homework assignment from Simply Kinder and got the cutest pumpkins back. Here are some of them:



I am a little bit afraid about going into school on Halloween tomorrow - hoping no one got into the candy early! I hope you all have a great day!

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