BragTags, Milk Carton Turkeys and a Freebie!

Good morning! Are you gearing up for next week or are you off the whole week? I have school on Monday and Tuesday and then I'm off for 5 wonderful days to spend time with my kiddos! I'm iffy on doing the whole Black Friday thing - so far I haven't seen anytrhing I truly need to wake up for, and of course, Sullivan wakes me up quite frequently still. I'm thinking if I have to wake up early I'd rather spend time cuddling with him:

I finally get to post about my BragTags! Since I had a substitute at the beginning of the year, I didn't bring out my BragTags at first, so I was excited to debut them this week and my students love them!

This is my board - I stretched the fabric and stapled it to the back. My husband painted the letters and stars and tacked them on and added the hooks. It is perfect for my Cowboy theme!

So far I have awarded tags for our Character Pumpkins as well as our Sight Word Stars (3 kiddos out of 27! We have so much work to do!) I had 2 sweeties turn in their Turkey Disguises early so they received their tags for that too - I'm hoping the other 25 remember theirs on Monday! I can't wait to see the creativity! I have  tags for "Falcon of the Month" as well and it is sooo hard to pick each month! And of course the yellow boot tags are just for being part of my class :)

Here's what the board looks like with the necklaces hung on it. I am ordering more this weekend - have to think of a fun one for a holiday homework packet - my new teammate wants to send one home over the break, so instead of taking a grade on it I will give a BragTag for anyone who completes and returns it. is an awesome website - it is so easy to get the free proofs and order the BragTags. Our Student Council is looking at these as a whole school motivation tool for next year!

Oh! We made our Thankful Milk Carton Turkeys this week too - how cute did these turn out?!

 This year we used Mod Podge to attach strips of brown tissue paper. Some just layered the strips while others crumpled theirs into balls for a puffier look. I love how different they all are!

For the head I just had the kids "draw a circle with a rectangle for the neck". I love how this one is so skinny! He was also proud of his patterned feathers :)

Our turkeys are going to roost in our classroom tree until we write our list of things to be thankful for and stick them inside. Then the kids will take them home as centerpieces for their Thanksgiving tables! Oh! And we are getting so smart about turkeys! When I was talking about the turkeys roosting in the tree one of my kiddos said "Oh, these must be wild turkeys since domestic turkeys are too heavy to fly!" Love it!

Last week I shared some of my Math games and had a few requests for the Scoop & Tally recording sheet. Click here to go grab it for free!


Kelly said...

I'm all with you, spending times with my girl wins over Black Friday. :) Thanks for the freebie!
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

Cindy Calenti said...

Thanks for great little Scoop and Tally page.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Granny Goes to School

Sharon Dudley said...

Jennifer, I really love the Brag Tags! It's such a great idea for positive reinforcement. Is it very expensive?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sharon Dudley, NBCT
Teaching with Sight

Jennifer K. said...

Sharon Dudley, the BragTags are fairly inexpensive! You can order custom Tags for about 36¢ each and the chains are only 30¢ each! I usually order a bunch together and the shipping is reasonable. Honestly it is one of the best and most inexpensive motivators out there! Since I've been using them I have more kiddos turning in homework projects, studying, you name it if there's a BragTag attached they will work for it!

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