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I was so happy to receive an Amazon package the other day (tell the truth, Amazon boxes excite you too, right?) - but puzzled because I hadn't ordered anything from Amazon lately. It turned out that it was a book that I had pre-ordered way back at the end of the school year!

I love Mr. Putter & Tabby ! If you're not familiar with this series, the author, Cynthia Rylant, also writes the Henry and Mudge series. I always read the Mr. Putter and Tabby books aloud to my classes. They are always a big hit and my students love to listen to them - they have interesting characters, a touch of humor and great illustrations!

As I thought about adding this book to my read aloud lineup, I started to think about all of the series books that my students usually love:

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa is always a favorite - even with my boys! Cowgirl Kate is clever, kind and hardworking while Cocoa is funny, stubborn and a wee bit lazy. There aren't very many books in this series (yet!) but my students have enjoyed all the ones we've read.

Of course I have to put Henry and Mudge on the list! My students always enjoy these - sometimes I draw them out and read them over 2 days, but more often the kids clamor for me to finish the book, so we sneak in a little extra read aloud time to do so!

Of course we always read Laura Numeroff's "If you give a..." books! We always make a class book after we finish the series and the kids are used to the sequencing too!

Although my Spanish accent is pathetic, my students still enjoy Skippyjon Jones! So far I have loved all of his adventures, but especially Cirque de Ole.

One thing I love about Curious George is that he captures the students' attention, even some of my most reluctant readers. I'm not sure if its because he gets into so much mischief, or its the novelty of a monkey pet, but whenever I pull out a C.G book I am guaranteed that even my most active boys will settle down for a few minutes at least!

My absolute favorite series though, is from Mo Willems and its Elephant & Piggie. Oh my goodness! My kiddos LOVE these! I have multiple copies of them, simply because my students love to read them together. One student will be Gerald the Elephant and read his parts, while the other student plays the part of Piggie. Last year I watched as one of my most advanced readers teamed up with her best friend who was one of my lowest readers. Each of them had a blast reading it - it held the attention of my high ability kiddo while not intimidating my struggling reader! I already have the newest book on pre-order, it comes out mid-October!

Alright, if I've missed a series that your kids love, please Rustle Up a Response below and let me know! I love finding new books/authors!

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Cindy Calenti said...


Thanks for sharing this list! I already use a few, but you have introduced me to some new ones. It's so nice to have book suggestions because it's really hard to keep up with all the great books available to young readers.

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