A Quick Funny and a Shout Out

First, a shout out to Cole's Little Pups who has a new December Number Sense Unit on TPT! It looks fabulous! Make sure you stop by to grab her free Gingerbread Ten Frames too!

Now the funny:
On Thursday afternoon, right after school, I was hanging out in my 1st grade teammate's room, browsing for ideas :) In runs my youngest son, with a wet spot on his shirt and head. Close on his heels is his teacher - the one I refer to as my "teaching fairy godmother". I usually leave all 4 of my kiddos in my room at the end of the day and they do homework or read or play blocks. But, Mrs. McKelvey loves my Joshua and he loves her, so it didn't surprise me that he was hanging out with her.

What did surprise me was how excited Joshua looked, and how mortified Mrs .McKelvey looked. As he began to babble something - high volume, fast paced - she shushed him and tried to explain. It seems that he had gotten enough stamps to get into the treasure box that day, and he had chosen goggles (her treasure chest is full of neat things!)

So after school she helped him put on his goggles and then told him.: "Go back in your mom's room and tell your brothers and sister that you're going to put your head in the toilet." She waited outside the room, in the hallway, to listen as he excitedly showed off his goggles and announced his intent to go toilet diving. She expected to hear my other children clamor at him to stop, however, what she ended up hearing was Joshua triumphantly crowing "I did it! I did it!" It seems that the other 3 kids were so engrossed in their reading that they didn't even bat an eye, much less move a muscle, to stop younger brother from dunking his head in the toilet.

Needless to say I squirted enough hand sanitizer on Joshua to drown a cat (and he showered as soon as we got home!), and then extracted a promise from Mrs. McKelvey to never, ever, tell Joshua to jump off a bridge. I totally had to laugh though, because Mrs. McKelvey was so embarrassed about having told him to do it in the first place, but in her defense, you'd think that a 12 year old and 9 year old would have spoken up and stopped him before his head actually got into the toilet! It just goes to show that we can never assume when there are children involved!

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Thank you for posting about my unit. Your copy is on it's way. I used the email from your contacts. I hope that was the right one.