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If your house is anything like mine, it can be kind of always hectic in the mornings. Although my husband is usually around to help out, being a military man there are plenty of times when he is suddenly called to go do something and I'm left to get all 5 kids and myself ready for school on my own!

The oldest two are fifteen and twelve and you'd think that would make it easier, but you'd be wrong! My twelve year old son is not a morning person and has been known to collapse sobbing if his favorite shirt isn't dry when he goes to get dressed in the morning. The fifteen year old sleeps like the dead and will even talk in her sleep - so waking her up is a 20 minute ordeal - even if she tells you "I'm up! I'm up!" in her best peeved teenager voice, chances are she's sleep-talking and she'll lapse back into unconsciousness the minute you turn your back, thus missing her bus and requiring a last minute ride to school.

The middle two are ten and eight and chances are they might be dressed and ready and you might be thanking the heavens that at least they are on track. Ha! Don't be fooled! The minute it's time to actually get in the car, they suddenly can't find their backpack that they know they brought in the house last night (chances are it's actually hanging in your classroom) or they suddenly remember that they have to bring a canned food item or they left their homework upstairs on their desk - any little thing that delays leaving the house!

The baby is sweet and adorable and never does a thing wrong - unless it's to spit up all over himself the minute you strap him in the carseat, thus necessitating a complete outfit change. If his breakfast does stay down, chances are someone moved the Sharpie so you have to search for one to label his bottles, even though that is the designated bottle-labeling-Sharpie and no one is to touch it under threat of dismemberment, but somehow, it wanders off at least once a week.

In all of this chaos, it is a small miracle that I actually get to work on time and semi-prepared for the day. However, while I might be dressed and ready to teach, there are tons of times I get to school and think "Darn! I forgot ________!" or "I wish I had ______" Like the day when I forgot my sunglasses and got a splitting headache at recess from the glare. Or the day we had a windstorm during recess and my hair looked like a bird's nest afterwards. Or when a kiddo gets sick and I am calm and collected while dealing with it but then wash my hands 20 times in hot water trying to get rid of the germies and my hands get all chapped. Let's not even talk about those days I drag myself to work feeling under the weather because A) even a sick me is 10x better than a sub and B) even coming to work sick is 10x easier than preparing for a sub.

If even a portion of my mornings sounds familiar, then you might want to make yourself an Anti-Chaos Bag this weekend. I'm talking now, today, while you're thinking about it, because if you put it on a to-do list it will get put off and next thing you know you'll be at school on Monday thinking "Oh no! I forgot _____!"

Here's what mine looks like:
 Isn't that a beautiful pattern?? Don't laugh, it was the least garish looking bag I found at Walmart. It's an Anti-Chaos Bag, not a Haute Couture Bag people!

What do you put in an Anti-Chaos Bag?! Everything:
I've got lotion for chapped hands, hair bands so I don't have to resort to rubber bands, floss - not only for teeth but for replacing broken shoelaces in a pinch or at least wrapping around the frayed end so you can get it back thru the hole! Handy wipes and a lint roller (it's always the white cat that rubs up against my black pants legs as I'm trying to get out the door!)

A fuzzy sock filled with rice makes a quick heating pad when tossed in the microwave for a minute or two - great for cramps or muscle aches. Airborne is a must for when a cold is coming on, a tea bag for those stressful days when schedules are changed, tempers are frayed and someone says "Teachers, please remember to be flexible." Which is really code for "Suck it up and don't complain because it won't do you any good anyways!" Antacids and Midol....your students will thank you....'nuff said!

Extra sunglasses for when you forget your regular pair. Microwave popcorn for A) those days you forget your lunch but the cafeteria food is not appealing or B) those days you have to stay late but your stomach is trying claw its way out of your body to go hunt down its own food. An emory board so that snag doesn't become a painfully short nail. Mints because, let's face it, your coworkers will thank you!

You might also consider gloves/hat for winter months because you know the day you forget them is the day you have recess duty and it will be cold! I'm even tossing in $1.25 for those days I need caffiene and don't have any cash for the vending machine....

There you go - an Anti-Chaos Bag that guarantees that, even if your morning starts out stressful, you'll have everything you need to fix it! Stash this somewhere safe in your classroom - the next time you have a hectic morning and forget something you'll be glad you did!

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Sally said... Reply to comment

I have most of that stuff in my desk drawer at school. I like your cute bag much better! I'll have to add a sock filled with rice, too!

Sally from Elementary Matters

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I only have to get myself out the door in the morning, however if I don't organize myself on Sunday I'd never make it! As I do the laundry I put out five bath towels and add underwear and socks to each one, then place them in the linen closet for a quick morning shower. When putting away hanger clothes I set up five outfits at the front of the closet and just pull one out each day. My mom used to set up the breakfast table right after dinner, placemats, cereal bowls filled and covered with saran wrap, spoons and glasses. Breakfast was always ready without a fuss. I love your idea of a bag, seems most of that stuff seems to end up in my purse!

JanCT said... Reply to comment

Great idea! I think I would also add deodorant. :)
Laughter and Consistency

Tiffani Mugurussa said... Reply to comment

These bags are such a necessity including a toothbrush, hairbrush, and an entire change of clothes, socks and shoes. Clothes for the occasional vommiter who gets you and shoes for the unexpected fire drill that takes you through the mud.

Katie Knight said... Reply to comment

Anti Chaos bag!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE
Teacher to the Core

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