Fire Safety Freebies!

Well apple season is fading fast and next will come Fire Safety, Autumn, Bats, Scarecrows and Pumpkins! This year there are no religious concerns, so I might even sneak in some Halloween!

Here are a few things that have been happening in my classroom:

We made apple play dough by combining Apple scented conditioner and baking soda! It took about 2 bottles of conditioner for one large box of baking soda.

It smelled delicious and was so fun to mix up - cold and squishy!

My Kats had a great time with it - this was purely sensory play as it wasn't the right consistency for a lot of molding. Just feeling the texture and smelling it was entertainment enough though! Word of warning - this is a messy activity! After we played we had to wash our hands and tables and sweep the floor! Thank goodness for my assistant who did the table washing and floor sweeping while I took the kiddos to breakfast and bathroom break!

We did an easy peasy torn paper apple craft - great for strengthening fine motor skills and darned if these pre-k kiddos didn't knock it out of the park! I was really impressed with how quietly and studiously they worked at tearing up the paper and gluing it - although in future I think the purple glue sticks will have to come out for this kind of thing - with the white glue sticks they couldn't see where their glue was as well which made for a LOT of glue being used lol.

We've been hitting letters too! So far we have formally done E, F and L but they are picking up many letters just from eachother's names! One of our favorite activities is making our names with playdough.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, this is how you spell "I love my teacher because she's beautiful!" This little guy is a charmer and the biggest lovebug!
We've been using activities from my Alphabet Letter Sounds pack and my Alphabet Emergent Readers. We use the activities during center time and so far I have to say we are rocking it! Look what one of my sweeties did during free choice centers:
 Gotta love it when they practice on their own and think its fun!

In other news, some of my sweet Kats are wearing out our Dot Markers! 
Can you guess what his favorite color is?! For about a week straight he would make at least 2 of these all-red papers each day. Meticulous attention to detail, not a white spot to be found! When he wore out all our reds he started on other colors. Unfortunately, now our markers look like this:
They're still about 3/4 full and I hate to throw them out. Call me a hoarder, but there's got to be something I can do with them, right?!

I've been working on a bunch of Fire Safety stuff for October! It's our first theme of the month, and I can't wait. We'll have the fire department visit next Wednesday...I always cross my fingers that they send the cute ones....its the least they can do for making me watch the same old fire safety video again. I swear it's been around since I was little! Here are the three new packs I made: 
 This Fire Safety Math & Literacy pack has 10 Math Activities and 4 Literacy Activities - including 2 Emergent Readers! There's two freebies for you in the Preview too:
 Just click here to check out my Fire Safety Math & Literacy Pack and download the Preview!
And a Fire Safety Rhyming Match-Up! These are great for center time activities!

I'll be bringing out my Fire Safety themed Ten Frames too:

Consumer Safety also has some FREE tips and checklists for fire safety as well as this fun Fireman Says game:

I can't wait for next week! Now I'm off to pick out an outfit for Picture Day tomorrow! Have a great night!


SENCO Cat Herder said...

Just had to say "howdy" when I came across your blog name on someone else's list - from one Cat Herder to another - I reckon we just understand completely what it's like trying to get children to do what you'd like or even expect!!
I am a cat herder from England and SENCO stands for Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (if you were wondering?) Come on over and check out my blog - there might be something you can use :)
Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

Maria said...

I wonder if you could use those make up remover cotton pads and a rubber band to make new tops for the markers

KoalaKinders said...

What a fun post and an adorable blog! I am with ya on sending the cute firemen out to the school!!
When I meet with my kinder parents at the start of the school year I always say that teaching kindergarten is exactly like herding cats especially at the beginning of the school year! The parents don't really get it until they join us on our first fieldtrip or help out at the Halloween party - then they call me a saint! LOL!
I checked out your store and wish-listed several of your Fire Safety items. You really have lots of creative resources! So many to choose from! If you have a chance check out my store and blog and let me know what you think.

Have a terrific school year,

Janet the KoalaKdgTeacher

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