Saturday, November 22, 2014

Turkey Activities! Plus Gingerbread Giveaway!

This week we've had a lot of fun, learning about Thanksgiving and playing with our Terrific Turkey Math & Literacy Centers!

Some of my kiddos are still working on number recognition. so these activities were perfect for them:

My students love puzzles, so this one was great fun and it helped them practice both number recognition and rote counting to 10!
 They also love any activity with rolling a dice, and this game gives them practice with both recognizing numbers 1-6 as well as one-to-one correspondence!
We've been working on positional words, so this activity was fun in whole group and then it moved to a center time activity. In whole group I alternated between calling students up to place a piece in the position I dictated ("Put the turkey on top of the barn") and arranging the pieces and then having students use positional words to describe where an animal is ("The cow is between the farmers") Actually being able to use the positional words in a sentence is a harder skill for them than just placing the pieces in the correct place, so its good to practice both!
This activity was great for my kiddos who are still iffy on all of their colors (I had a bunch that knew only 3-4 colors at the beginning of the year and they still get a few confused). Since I used different size pom poms, and included a variety of amounts, we were able to go a step further with the students who were ready for it by sorting the different color pom poms by size and then also identifying which color pom poms had the most and least.
Again, give them something to roll and my kids are all for it! I absolutely love this game because it gives them practice identifying shape names AND finding them in different orientations and sizes.
I don't do a lot of paper/pencil activities, but every once in a while we do a cut & paste sheet because the kids like them and it gives them good fine motor practice. This sheet also gave them some one-to-one correspondence practice plus number recognition! As you can see, I'm not picky about what color is used, but I do watch out for correct crayon grip :)

We got to sing Dr. Jean's Albuquerque Turkey song at our Friday assembly which was a big hit. We're also working on learning our "5 Little Turkey" poem which I wrote myself! I created pocket chart cards for it and wrote it out on sentence strips, to give up practice reading from top to bottom and left to right. Next week we'll color and take home the reader and hopefully my kiddos will get a lot of practice reading it to family members over Thanksgiving!

Next week we only have 2 days of school, so we're going to create our "Where Is Turkey?" positional word reader, and do some fun Turkey crafts! I'm torn between coffee filter turkeys, milk carton turkeys or handprint turkeys. What is your go-to Thanksgiving craft project?

After Thanksgiving we're jumping into our Gingerbread Theme! I just created this Gingerbread Alphabet Match-Up game that has students matching both upper and lower case letters as well as beginning sound pictures!
If you'd like a chance to win it, stop by my Facebook page and enter here! I'll pick a winner at 10pm!

Alright, time to start cleaning up - I have visitors coming for Thanksgiving and way not enough time to get ready! Have a fabulous Saturday!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bright Ideas Roound-Up!

Woot! It's time for the the November edition of the Bright Ideas Link-Up! This one is a special one! 

Over the past 10 months, we have shared thousands of great ideas through our monthly Bright Ideas event. This month, we’re re-capping all of those great ideas, just incase you missed any! Below you will find some of my bright ideas from the past several months:

My husband made me the best pocket chart stands from pvc and shower curtain hooks! You can read about them here:

An anti-chaos bag is a must-have! Be proactive in preparing for all those little annoyances that can put a damper on your day! Read about it here:

A fun clean-up game, a great way to get crayon off of practically any surface AND how to easily remove permanent marker were all in this post:

Having trouble with hallway behavior? Want to boost sight word recognition? Combine the two with this easy management technique!

Need a way to keep students engaged when counting, sorting and making patterns? Check out this post for an inexpensive answer!

Here's a bright idea about helping with sight word list organization - when you have students studying multiple lists, its important to streamline the process!

And finally, check out some classroom management tips - don't be the teacher that gives up in the first 100 days - we all have time to improve until the very last day!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these bright ideas, and that you have found an idea that you can use in your own classroom. Be sure to check out the link up below for tons more bright ideas from my friends!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Veteran's Day Freebie!

I'm getting ready for a short week! We have Veteran's Day off, so we're only in school 4 days this week! We have our Veteran's Day celebration tomorrow and my class will be singing "Red, White and Blue" by Debbie Clement. It is a great song for any of the patriotic holidays and the kids love doing the sign language while singing!

I have two math activities that are super easy that the kids always enjoy:

 My kiddos always do really well with data analysis since we play a lot of Roll & Graph games! Click here to grab it on TPT.

I also created a quick freebie for you - my kiddos are working on ordering numbers, and I'm trying to get them as much cutting practice as possible (we can  all hold our scissors correctly now, yay!) so I made a cut and paste sheet:

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pumpkin Character Book Reports

Whew! There is apparently no germ like a Pre-K germ! After several years of never getting sick, I was taken out by a stomach bug this week! My assistant also missed several days due to a respiratory virus. Between one or the other of us being absent, we had a crazy week! Thus the reason I have not posted our fabulous Pumpkin Character Book Reports! So, without further ado, here they are:

Each student who completed their Pumpkin Character Book Report received this Brag Tag:
I think Brag Tags are still the most inexpensive and cutest incentives around - my students love them!

We made sweet little Ghost Bananas on Halloween too - bananas dipped in vanilla yogurt with chocolate chip eyes:
I labeled my wax paper with the student names so that they were sure to have the same banana they prepared. Here's my little tip for next year - freeze the bananas on the sticks before you dip them. I didn't, and we had many a banana escape into the yogurt and need to be fished out! The kids loved them and I loved that it was an easy, inexpensive and healthy treat! It was a great activity since we couldn't have a Halloween party ;p

Well that catches me up, I'll be back tomorrow with a Veteran's Day freebie and some November news!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Red Ribbon Week Doors!

It's Red Ribbon Week and we've been having fun with door decorating! I thought I'd grab some pictures of the cutest doors in school to share with you! I think we had a lot of great ideas this year:

From our fabulous cafeteria:
 Loved the scrapbook paper they used on the candy corn!

Our T-1 Room:
 Each heart has a picture or a personality trait and the sign reads "Stay true to yourself. Don't do Drugs!"

Our 3rd grade:
 The kids had a lot of fun making the little skulls into clowns!

Our 5th grade:
 Who knew the 5th grade teacher was so talented at drawing/painting?!

One of our Kindergarten classes:
 Each kiddo has their own spaceship!

Our 2nd grade:
 It says "Don't Get Hooked" and that cigarette is too much!

Our other Kindergarten class:
Love that tree!

And finally, my door, which I am so pleased with, I have to say it turned out better than I thought, and the kids loved making their Olafs!
Here's a close-up, the large snowflakes have Frozen song titles that were modified with an anti-drug message :)
These Olafs were adapted from a  Pinterest pin that just led to a picture, no template or instructions. Still, remarkably easy - the only things needed were 2 styrofoam cups per child, black chenille stems, and white, black and orange construction paper! The kids cut out their own mouths (I just free hand drew them on black paper) and colored in their own eyeballs, but I cut out the nose and teeth. The chenille stems were cut in 4s and stuck into a hole poked into the top with a pencil - if the kids got overzealous with the holes I just used the glue gun to secure the stems. The kids glued all the pieces on with glue sticks and I used a glue gun to glue the cups together and to the door :)

Tomorrow I'll share pictures of our Book Report Pumpkins - they turned out fabulous!

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