Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for the Classroom

Random Acts of Kindness Calendar for September 2022

Incorporating kindness activities into your back to school lesson plans is one of the most important things you can do to build classroom community and practice positive classroom management!  Rather than spending your days redirecting and reacting to behaviors, you can build connections with students by encouraging kindness in the classroom. One of the best ways to do this is to MODEL kindness and help your students find ways to be kind themselves.

A fun way to start of the school year is to do a Random Act of Kindness every day. I created this FREE calendar for September 2022, with ideas for random acts of kindness acts that you can do with your students in the classroom, as well as simple kindness acts they can do on the weekends too! 

You can display the full color version in the classroom:

Or send home this b&w version so students' families can follow along at home!

Either way you choose, these simple (and affordable) ideas will soon have your students thinking about ways they can kind every day! 

Here are some links and ideas for the acts marked with a red *:

September 12th: Check out my Pinterest Play Dough Board for recipe ideas for the homemade play dough. The apple pie play dough is perfect for September!

September 20th: If you need a quick way to make bookmarks for your library, check out my Pinterest Free Bookmarks Board for lots of FREE, fun options! Just print your choice, and then have students color and cut out!

September 29th: Kindness stones are so fun to make - in the classroom, I paint the rocks a solid color with acrylic paint (available in any Hobby store) and then let students write positive words, flowers, hearts and stars on them with paint markers or Sharpies.
Or join the #share100smiles movement by painting happy faces on your rocks!

You can also check out these fun resources in my TPT store to help spread the kindness even further!

FREE Kindness & Character Songs Songs & Chants to Teach Kindness & Character Traits - 8 easy-to-sing songs for teaching kindness, respect, honesty, manners, and fairness. Use these songs during your morning meeting and throughout your day to help build your classroom community!

Spud-Tastic Behavior Management System - this system makes positive behavior management EASY and FUN! Students will love building a Potato Head by following the classroom expectations!

And nothing makes a kindergarten student happier than their name - seeing it on a First Day of School crown will start their year off right!

Have a Back to School season everyone and remember, kindness is free - sprinkle it everywhere!

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