Guided Drawing Cat in the Hat freebie!

The best laid plans often go awry and such was the case with my Read Across America lesson plans! We had Snow Days on Monday and Tuesday and then I was sick on Friday, so many of our planned activities had to be skipped. I was going to do deviled green eggs and ham sandwiches as a Friday afternoon snack for example, but the stomach bug that has been going around struck me too. Luckily though, we were able to make these adorable Guided Drawing Cat in the Hats:
This project was Pinterest inspired, but it was one of those pins that never seems to have a start - just pinned and repinned and I could never figure out where it actually came from and see if there were any directions! I am not artistic by any means, but thankfully my kids are always appreciative of my attempts at art, so I decided to try my luck with this. I demonstrated the steps on ourSmrartboard first, and I think it came out pretty well:
We read Cat in the Hat first and then after drawing the Cat we brainstormed adjectives to describe him. My jkiddos loved this activity and I'm thankful that out of all the Read Across America stuff that had to get canceled we were able to do this at least.

I went ahead and made a file of the directions, so if you want to grab them, just click either of the pictures above!

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