Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

We had a little bit of a kink thrown into our plans today : (  Some of our activities had to be put off until next week because we had visitors. I don't know about your kiddos, but some of mine act like total fools when there's a visitor in the room! We had some soldiers from our local Army base visit which was very nice, but was not conducive to making oobleck or painting in the classroom! I have one little guy who is our self-acknowledged "ham" or "class clown".  He has cheerfully labeled himself as such, not me! Well, when a soldier is in the room, all his self-control goes out the window and he can't help but try to make jokes and do the silliest things, including slapstick humor which would not have been fun with pans of oobleck lying around!  I have a little girl who is just as bad, she sees a potential daddy figure and latches on with some very calculated learned helplessness. Add in all the other little personality quirks and I realized that if I attempted to do anything that required self-control today then I was likely to have a ton of discipline problems which was not how I wanted to spend my day! Instead we will be carrying our Seussy fun over into next week, which is just as good in my opinion because there are soo many more Seuss books to read!

Even with our visitor present all morning, we still managed to have a quite a bit of Seussy fun! Cat in the Hat visited - and darned if I didn't forget to snap her picture! It was our special ed teacher all dressed up, complete with face paint. The kids loved her! Two more of my kiddos earned Brag Tags by reading aloud a Dr. Seuss book too, they're all turning into great readers! But, of course, the hit of the day was our Green Eggs and Ham! I opted against the traditional scrambled eggs and did deviled eggs and ham sandwiches with green mustard and the kids loved them! 

 As I was leaving today I snapped a quick picture of our classroom tree which I transformed into a truffula tree. I love the way it turned out and the kids knew right away what it was! I

How was your Read Across America Day?

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Erika said... Reply to comment

Your tree is incredible!!!
I have kids like that too. We've had photographers and people videotaping in and out of our rooms and school for a week getting ready for our mega fundraising event in May and my kids act like dopes.
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Ms. Kerri's Krazy Kindergarten said... Reply to comment

Love your Truffula tree. We had a great day of seussy fun and I think we're going to to continue our fun into next week as well. I'm hoping to have a couple more seussy freebies up today so check it out. Maybe you can use them since you're continuing the fun. We had a tornado lockdown in the middle of our visitors reading to kids in the school. So that made for an interesting afternoon.

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said... Reply to comment

That tree is awesome!

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TammySF. said... Reply to comment

Love this blog:) I'm your newest follower!

Miss T said... Reply to comment

Love the tree! It's so cute :)

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Jennifer said... Reply to comment

Love your tree!! It is soooo cute!

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Elizabeth said... Reply to comment

I just awarded you something on my blog. Come on over to check it out!

Fun in Room 4B

Jeannie Partin said... Reply to comment

Looks like i was great fun! I love the deviled green eggs!

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Sheri said... Reply to comment

Jennifer....What a GREAT Blog:) I LOVE it!!!! It looks like y'all had a FABULOUS time on Dr. Seuss' Birthday!!!! What lucky kiddo's your students are:) I bet they think that you are the best!!!! Thanks for stopping by and following 1st GRADE ROCKS!!!! !!! I am now your newest follower:)

Our Life's Blessings!!!!

Buggy In Kindergarten said... Reply to comment

Thanks for following my blog!! Your classroom tree is so cute!

Ms. Chrissy B said... Reply to comment

That tree is amazing!!
I gave you an award for your cute blog! Come by and check it out!
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