Batty Freebie and More!

Hello friends! Fall Break was so much fun! I spent a lot of time loving on Sullivan and watching movies with the whole family!

 Here's Sullivan during the break. Such a happy little man!

Here's Sullivan during the school week - he's not quite sure what he thinks of mama going to school every day! He's starting a new daycare on post on Monday, and I'm crossing my fingers that he adjusts well (its closer to home and will be easier for daddy to pick him up on days I have events after school, plus its military-run so you KNOW its spotless!)

Now that we are back in school, my kiddos are LOVING our Roll & Cover games. Seriously, they can't get enough of them! They are one of my activities for when they have finished their work and I keep small baggies with tokens and dice with the laminated games. Each day this week I ran out of game sets!

Thankfully, we also had Smilemaker's Blast Off Fact Family Chart to use too - its so funny to watch them "balst off" after they've completed the fact family equations!

I've created a new Fall Graphing pack that is going to see a lot of use in my room - some of the activities will be enrichment activities for early finishers, while some we will do whole class.

 Counting and graphing cookies!

My Fall Graphing pack is on sale tonight too!

I'm also bringing out my "5 Little Bats" poem pack. I love doing a pocket chart poem or story each week. Speaking of bats, I made a "Batty True/False Equation Pack" and I'm offering it as a freebie! We're going to sort the cards in a pocket chart as a whole group and then my kiddos will complete the recording sheet as part of their independent practice. You can grab it from my TPT store by clicking the image below:

Batty True/False Equations

I'm off to feed Sullivan and finish lesson plans! Here's hoping that having Halloween on Thursday doesn't make your week too crazy!

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Cindy Calenti said... Reply to comment

Darling games and even cuter pictures of you baby. Thanks for sharing!

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