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We had inside recess on Friday and my kiddos begged to spend that time doing math stations, so we had about 2 hours total of math station time (before and after lunch)! They had a ton of fun and I was able to get some good pictures, so I'm sharing them with you today.

One of our favorite math stations is our Roll & Graph games:
My groups are usually about 4 kiddos a piece, and on games like this they work in pairs. They take turns rolling the dice and graphing which image comes up each time and then work on the recording sheets together, checking their partner's work. I laminate my pages and they just use dry erase markers, so it is a paper saver!


Our Roll & Cover games are also a staple:
These two boys are playing the addition version, I try to keep students of the same skill level together so they can challenge each other.
 These guys are getting subtraction practice:

We've been using my Snow Much Measuring Fun Unit a lot lately too:
This group is using both sets of time cards - time to the hour and half hour. First they sort them, then match them digital to analog in a pocket chart. The matching recording sheet is good practice as they have to draw in the hands on the analog clocks!


Also in the measuring pack are two activities for measuring with nonstandard units:

Two kiddos work on measuring the width of the ice floes,
while the other two measure the height of the snowmen. Once they have finished the recording sheet they get to switch places and do the other activity.


We did our graduated order activity as a whole group refresher, as few of my kiddos needed independent practice with this skill:

We've also been using the ten frame cards from my Winter Ten Frames pack. I have my kiddos work as a team to match them up and then arrange them in numerical order in our big pocket chart:

 Love how proud this group was when they finished!

I am wrapping up our Winter unit and getting ready for February! I created a new set of February/March Ten Frame cards that have images for Presidents Day, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day:

I also made another Measurement unit, this one with Valentine graphics, so we can continue to practice those skills:

I would love to send this new measurement pack to a lucky winner! Just rustle up a response below, telling me your favorite math station activity and I'll choose a random comment tonight at 11pm! Make sure to include your email address so I can send the pack over right away!

UPDATE: Did the random number thingy and the winner is Andrea (aka MrsS). Thanks so much for all of your comments! Andrea, check your mail :)

19 Rustle Up A Response!:

D. Keller said... Reply to comment

I love the 10 frames in the pocket charts. I find that I have several students who are still having trouble with 10 frames. I also love the Roll and Cover games. I can see why your students wanted to do math centers during recess!

Kathy said... Reply to comment

My class of 4 year olds love the I have who has games.

mcoop1125 said... Reply to comment

I love the tens frames. Frequently seeing numbers this way, particularly the teens, reinforces number sense. I also have a handful of students struggling with putting objects in order by size. They can compare two objects successfully, but struggle when there are multiple the graduated size activity is also great!

Krysti said... Reply to comment

I love the 10 frame game! My kinders also choose to do some of our centers during recess - I love it!!

Erin said... Reply to comment

We have a few favorites that are a must in math stations. The kiddos are very fond of the roll and cover games, measuring anything with anything, and memory like matching games. All of your stations would fit perfectly into my classroom!


Cherie said... Reply to comment

Write the room is a favorite!

MrsS said... Reply to comment

I love how the students work together on the roll and graph activities. The laminating and use of dry erase markers is such a great way to save paper! I'd love to win your new measurement unit. We are just about to dive in to measurement and this would be GREAT!

Maggie Jones said... Reply to comment

I would love to try the grahping center in my classroom!

Jenna B said... Reply to comment

I love tens frame activities and any math station actually! The kids think they're playing but they're actually learning too!

Emily W. said... Reply to comment

My students love measurement activities and matching games such as the ten frames that you use. I love all of your stuff and appreciate that you provided pictures! I love seeing your class in action during their math stations!!

Emily Warner

AnneS said... Reply to comment

I love all of your games, especially the roll and cover games! What a great job you have done. Would love to have this for my classroom.

candace said... Reply to comment

My kinders love playing memory with the number cards and tens frames. I never thought to have them then line the cards up in the pocket chart! Thanks !

The Polished Teacher said... Reply to comment

I love the measuring the width of the ice floes! Such a smart idea! It works perfectly with the adorable clip art!

kld813 said... Reply to comment

I love the 10's frame pocket chart activity. I think my class would be really excited about this!

Mrs. D said... Reply to comment

I love the measurement activities! All of the stations look awesome! :)

Suzanne Sweeney said... Reply to comment

My students love the Roll, Say, Keep games and they can be easily differentiated. Love your blog!

Rachel said... Reply to comment

I love that your stations are differentiated.. that can be so difficult with kinderbabies. :)

Rachel said... Reply to comment

I love that your stations are differentiated.. that can be so difficult with kinderbabies. :)

School Sparks Renee said... Reply to comment

Your games are precious! No surprise that your little guys wanted to play all day! The roll and graph game with the adorable pictures looks like fun. Renee

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