Candy Corn Graph Freebie!

Whew! What a Saturday! Sleeping in, playing with the kids, reading some of the new books I just got from Amazon:

Seriously cute but I wonder how much a kinder or firstie will get out of it - my third grader really liked it and understood it, but I think most of the jokes went over my youngest son's head. I will try it out in class and let you know! At the very least the kids will enjoy searching for Pigeon in this book - he's pretty well hidden!

But, my absolute favorites, and must-haves for your classroom are:

So cute - and I am going to make my classroom tree into a word tree - right after Halloween because right now it's covered in spiders and webbing!
A while ago I shared a picture of some goodies I got while grocery shopping - new flavors of candy corn!

I have found 6 flavors so far: Original, Indian or Autumn, Caramel, Chocolate Caramel, Green Apple and Caramel Apple. Yum! I have to admit I have not tried all of them yet - going to taste test them in class with my students, but of the ones I have tried, the Caramel Apple is my favorite. Each bag comes with about 130+ pieces, so I can give each of my 26 kiddos about 4 of each kind. I plan on doing this on the 31st since it's a 1/2 day for us. Sugar those kiddos up so they can go home and drive the parents batty until it's trick or treating time! (By the way, it's only a 1/2 day for the kids - teachers get to stay and do in-service training again.)

So, in order to make this a legitimate learning experience, I'm tying math into the eating of all of this sugar. We will create a graph of our favorite flavors, and then do a little writing piece. Here's what my graph looks like:

(My daughter colored in some candy corn pieces so I could see how they all fit together on the board.)

If you'd like to make your own graph, here's a freebie for you! It contains all of the pieces to set up your graph on a poster board, plus a regular paper sized bar graph in both color and black and white in case you want the kiddos to color the graph in to save ink :) Also included is a more than, less than worksheet that you can fill out as a class and display next to the poster graph.  I always post my graphs in the hallway so that classes walking down the hall to PE/Music or the cafeteria can stop to look!

Just click the picture below to grab it for free in my TPT store !


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Pam said... Reply to comment

I saw all these new flavors of candy corn just the other day. Thanks so much for sharing. I love to do graphs with my kinders!

Alicia said... Reply to comment

Thanks for the book recs -- I can never have enough books! The graph is adorable, and a great excuse to buy lots of candy corn. :)

Alicia @ Today's Objective

Lisa said... Reply to comment

Hi! I just found your blog through Kindergarten Network. I'm also your newest follower. :) Thanks for your freebie! I never knew there were so many flavors of candy corn! Feel free to visit my blog sometime.

~ Lisa
Teaching Kindergarten Kiddos

Mrs Poultney said... Reply to comment

Hi Jennifer I Boo'd you! Info on this linky is available on my blog. Email me at for the item you would like! Enjoy your week
Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

Grella Monsters said... Reply to comment

What a cute idea! Just wanted to let you know I just "boo'd" you, so please hop on over to my blog & find out more about it :)

loularkin said... Reply to comment

I love it! Thanks for the freebie. My kids will enjoy the candy and I will appreciate the learning that takes place!

johnpeterjohn said... Reply to comment

this is like awesome ! such a innovative idea..
cool math 4 kids

Lisa Parnello said... Reply to comment

You've been Boo-ed! Jump over to my blog to see how to Boo another blogger!

The Lower Elementary Cottage

Miss Sara said... Reply to comment

I have just boo-ed you! I see that you've been boo-ed quite a few times ;)
Check it out on my blog!

Miss Elementary

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