We Haven't Said Hello And I'm Already Saying Good-bye! (Freebie!)

One of my favorite parts of the day with my kinders is at the very end as they're walking out the door! No, it's not that I'm happy to see them go - in fact, most days that dismissal bell comes all too soon (or course there are days when it seems like 3:45 will never get here, but those are thankfully few and far between). The reason I enjoy the end of the day so much is because of our farewell ritual!

My students leave out my back door, so right beside it I have my farewells posted. Each child gets to pick a farewell for me to say to them as they leave. They look forward to the ritual and often spend those last few moments in line discussing with their friends which farewell they'll pick. Some students choose the same farewell all year long, others try out a new one every day, some go in order from the top of the list down and still others have a couple of favorites that they rotate through.

Not only is it a great end-of-day routine, it helps with rhyming and reading as well! Since the farewells are always by the back door, students frequently go over to look at them - sounding out the words or copying them down for write the room. When I first introduce the farewells to my kinders, I gather them at carpet and show them each one and discuss that they all rhyme. Sometimes later in the year I notice that they'll glance back at the farewells when we're doing rhyming activities. I have quite a few ELL students, so we need all the rhyming we can get in our day!

I posted my farewells last year for free, but I've since revamped them a bit - making them easier to read and more attractive. I usually post up two sheets at the beginning of the year and then add the next two after the first semester. This helps to prevent my kinders from being overwhelmed by choices in the beginning of the year and also refreshes the ritual midway through the year. If you'd like to grab the farewells, just click a picture to get them for free in my TPT store! Enjoy!

In other news, I am loving all the comments from yesterday's  post! Thank you so much! For those of you who voted for me, I appreciate it! If you haven't entered the drawing for the Texas Giveaway, head over to this post now to get in on it! I have to share that I have many more clipboards in the works - I absolutely love making them. In fact, yesterday I helped my daughter finish a steam-punk style clipboard of her own! She picked out the paper, ribbons and stickers and I helped her with the Mod Podge and tying all of the ribbons. By the way, if you do make a clipboard of your own, make sure to burn your ribbon ends or apply some Fray-Stop before you tie the ribbons to the board! Anyways, it turned out super cute and I wanted to share a picture with you:

I have some ideas for some more giveaways and freebies in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for those! In the meantime, I'd love it if you'd Rustle Up a Response below and tell me if you've already decided on your classroom theme for the year yet?

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Elisabeth said... Reply to comment

YAY! Love these! Thanks for sharing. I am starting a new position as an Instructional Facilitator at a K-2 school and I am sharing these with my K teachers. Super cute!

Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

Rachel said... Reply to comment

Love the farewells! Thank you! Will definitely use them next school year!

Kindertrips said... Reply to comment

Thank you for the Farewell Signs. It was sweet of you to share!

karen thomas said... Reply to comment

I love the idea of posting them by the door. Thanks for sharing!

karen thomas said... Reply to comment

I love the idea of posting them by the door. Thanks for sharing!

karen thomas said... Reply to comment

I love the idea of posting them by the door. Thanks for sharing!

Erica said... Reply to comment

Very cute! I am going to have my bee theme from last year. :)


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Andrea said... Reply to comment

My kids loved your farewells and we had to do them everyday! Morning and afternoon classes would wait in line and if I got busy and tried to go out the door they would yell, "Wait Miss Parsons we need our rhyme!" How sweet is that? I cut them up and just did the next one each time. I think this way I can use the poster later in the year when they are better at making choices independently. Thank you so much!!! :)

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas said... Reply to comment

Thank you for sharing this at TBA and linking up!
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Shannon said... Reply to comment

Thank you for sharing your goodbye rituals with the world! I am an experienced 4th grade teacher heading to kindergarten and I am so excited to use those! Thanks, I'll try to give back eventually :)