Oh! Canada! & Freebies!

When I was growing up, I spent many summers in Canada, visiting relatives. If we weren't at home for the 4th of July, that was alright because we'd see the fireworks for Canada Day! My birthday fell right between both countries' holidays and I was always sad that I hadn't been born a day earlier or 2 days later, so I could share my birthday with one of the countries! Anyways, earlier this month I shared a free Roll & Cover in celebration of the 4th of July, but then I remembered all of those fun summers, watching fireworks from my grandmother's porch in London, ONT and had to make another Roll & Cover for all of my Canadian friends! Grab it by clicking the picture below :)
Today is my last day for Organization! I'm in better shape than I thought I would be. All of my theme materials are sorted into their respective containers, so now I'm working on the miscellaneous stuff. I've got a bunch of these little 3-5 drawer organizers for things like markers, pencils, stickers etc.
I plan to paint all of mine because they're such a motley array of colors right now, but in the meantime I have created labels for them, which I'm offering as another freebie today! I printed mine on labels and tried to include all of the categories that I know I had last year, plus ones I wished that I had had! My major organizational pitfall is not knowing what to do with those items that don't have a ready home - they end up in piles or stuffed in baskets and then it's a big mess to try to sort through! This year I'm going to try to make sure everything has an easily accessible home so that I don't end up stashing things in odd places or letting things pile up!
Click the picture to grab the labels for free!

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J Tilton said... Reply to comment

Thank you for the labels-it will sure save me a lot of time. I love your game too- I was born on July 4th!

Lisa R. said... Reply to comment

I can't wait to see pictures when you have your organizers done! Thanks for the freebies! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Owl Things First said... Reply to comment

Thank you for the great freebie! I bought two of those drawer sets earlier this year...I love them!
P.S. I have been to London ONT! I took the train from their to Windsor where my parents picked me up after spending 2 weeks with a friend at her family cottage. We had no running water or electricity. I loved every minute of it!!

Owl Things First

Heather said... Reply to comment

Thanks for the great Canadian freebie! My children attend a Canadian international school in Seoul, South Korea and my teacher friends will love this activity!

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