Limeades for Learning!

Sonic has kicked off their Limeades for Learning program! They are working with Donorschoose to fund $100,000 worth of Donorschoose projects a week. Each day through September 30th you get one free vote per registered email address. You can also get a code on every receipt that is worth 2 extra votes!  I love that change to the program - it enables those of us in poorer districts that don't have parents with computer access to still participate!

We have a Sonic only a block away from our school so I am going to be asking all of my students to bring in their Sonic receipts, this way they have some ownership in attaining funding for our new books. I seriously have students who are reading at 4th grade or above, while others are barely sounding out words. And of course, since I usually teach kindergarten, I don't have those higher level books in my classroom library. This project would get us some fiction and nonfiction books on a variety of reading levels so I keep all my smarties engaged! If you'd like to vote for my project, please click the Limeade icon on the top right of the page - it will take you directly to my project on the Limeades page :)

Sorry this is so short, my computer died so I am using my husband's while he waits impatiently lol. I am thinking of more ocean ideas - going to extend the theme through next week as well! My firsties seem to be addition whizzes, but subtraction has them flat out stumped, so I will be working on an Ocean subtraction game, look for it soon!

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