Spring Crafts Bulletin Board

4 Easy Spring Crafts to create a seasonal Bulletin Board

We've been hard at work on some fabulous Spring crafts! In addition to our Tape Resist Butterflies, we made paper plate birds (inspired by this pin),  torn paper birds' nest (inspired by this pin) and water color flowers. My 15 year old daughter (who inherited her artistic gene from my husband, thankfully) came after school to help me create our Spring Bulletin Board:

My daughter painted the grass and flower stems, the rest was all created by my students!

Here's a close up of our birds and butterflies. I love how they're all so different! The best thing about the birds is that they require no templates - just 1/2 a paper plate and some water color paints and my kids had a blast painting! Then they chose 3 "tail feathers" and 3 feathers for the wings, as well as their googly eyes. A folded orange rhombus makes the beak.

For our flowers we used watercolors again.  This was a center time activity and very popular! Then we cut out the flowers (we assisted with the cutting for this one as they were a bit too difficult for my kiddos) and mounted them on the stems that my daughter painted on the butcher paper.

My daughter created the tree out of butcher paper and we added our torn paper birds' nests!

My students got a fine motor workout tearing all of the paper for their nests! I had 3 different colors of brown construction paper (not even sure how I ended up with 3 different browns, it was just what was in my cupboard!) and they tore it to cover 1/2 a paper plate.

Next they picked out 3 different colors for their baby birds, rounded the corners (I drew lines for them to cut) and picked out eyes. So simple yet so adorable!

I am absolutely in love with our hallway now - and just wait until you see our "April Showers" bulletin board tomorrow!

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Karyn said...

The bulletin boards are beautiful! The birds are absolutely stunning! I'm in awe

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