10 of the Best FREE Kindergarten Math Videos

Using videos to teach Math Skills in Kindergarten

Yesterday I shared Dr. Jean's poem "What's the Point?" which encourages all of us to SHUT OUR DOORS and bring the singing, dancing and playing back to kindergarten! Of course this applies to all grade levels - I've seen pre-k classes where children are filling out tracing paper after tracing paper but spend very little time at centers. I've seen 1st grade classrooms where everyone is sitting quietly - in the dark! - working on a worksheet packet almost too thick for normal staples! Walking into these rooms felt like being sucked into a depressing bog, the students were apathetic, disengaged (for all that they were quiet) and just dying for the bell to ring.

But, what if you're not a singer or dancer by nature? What if you ARE but you just don't know what songs to teach the children that will help them learn? What if you want to make learning fun, but still cover your butt with your admin because you NEED your job?!

Well here are 10 of the BEST FREE Math videos I've found! These are all free to watch on youtube. If you don't have youtube access at school check out this quick tutorial for how to download the videos at home to transfer to your work computer. If you have a Smartboard, you can project these directly to your screen and then have everyone stand up to sing and dance along! Don't have a Smartboard? Play them on your computer and make up your own movements!

This is a great song for learning to count to 20 - and the kids love the movements! Play this at the beginning of the year until everyone can count to 20 and recognize those numbers. I love how Matt claps out the syllable too - cross curricular bonus! And how about all the midline crossing he does?! Dream English has a ton of ELL friendly songs!

I love the message of this song "Numbers Help Me Count" it's one of those "Duh!" things for adults but so important for children to learn -we have numbers for a reason! And of course the kids love the hip hop style of Mark D. Pencil!

 I love all of the Have Fun Teaching videos! Here's their counting by 1's video for 1-50, they have lots of other skip counting videos too!

Ready to count to 100? Jack Hartmann has this great video that combines exercise with counting! This is a great brain break or indoor recess song too!

Note - if you play the same video every time, kids WILL get bored! It's important to have many different songs/videos that address the same concept - you never know which one a student will connect with! Not to mention, what kid wouldn't want to be a counting super hero?!

How about counting to 100 macarena style (meaning lots of midline crossing!) plus this video explores the concepts of 10s! My kiddos always love this Dr. Jean video!

This big numbers song is so calming! Its great for when you first get back in from recess, to help kids settle down. The kids LOVE the big numbers at the end! Sometimes I pause and ask someone to come point out the ones, tens or hundreds in one of the big numbers!

Teaching skip counting? This video is one of my all time favorites for counting by 10s!

 How about addition? Harry Kindergarten has this great Pirate themed video - plus there's a matching subtraction song! 

This is a quick, fun video for comparing numbers! It user the proper terminology while still giving the kids a visual they can connect with!

My kids love this one for learning 3d shape names, especially because I hand out some of these 3d Shapes and during the song if they have the shape being sung about they get to hold it up! 

Now remember, this is just a SMALL sampling of the songs and videos that are out there! And, please remember to support those who share their talents on youtube by following their channels, visiting their websites and consider purchasing a dvd, cd or song download so that they can continue providing us with these great videos!

If you know of any other great, free kindergarten math videos, please "Rustle Up A Response" and share them in the comments below!

Now, if anyone says anything about how "kindergarten is just dancing and singing all day" you can say "Yes! and we're proud of it, because that's how children LEARN!"


Unknown said...

This is a wonderful resource. Thanks for compiling this list.

Jordan said...

What video/song was the one your kiddos used to learn to write numbers 0-10? The link is no longer there and I'm wondering if I can find it elsewhere! Thanks!

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