Schedule, Brown Bear & Crayon Resist Freebie!

Can I just say...I feel like an idiot for fretting over moving to a new room/new grade this summer! I am having a BALL in pre-k! And, sure, my room is still old and small, but we have filled it with so many neat materials and cute, precious personalities, that it is the most fun I've had in ages! I have not had a single day yet where I've gone home tired! Can you tell that teaching little people is my niche?!
Check out the adorable shirt one of my kiddos' mothers made for her!

Here's our schedule so far:
I have to admit, we break up our carpet times even more with Brain Breaks. We've started using and the kids are loving it. Our little avatar is named "McPufferson" and the kids are crazy about him! They've all gone home and told their parents about him and they get so excited to see his little growth bar fill up. We've gotten him to the 3rd level now and he now has 3 eyes - you have never heard excitement until you've grown a third eye on your avatar!

Last week we did Humpty Dumpty - and man is there a big gap in my class. I've got kiddos who are about to turn 5 who can recite Humpty while standing on their heads and twirling batons. Then I've got my kiddos who just turned 4 (our cutoff is 4 by Sept 1st) who still need tons of support to repeat the rhyme. We did a bunch of activities and the cutest craft and I meant to post about it this weekend but of course the building closed early on Friday so I wasn't able to get all my pictures! Don't you hate when that happens?! I'll grab pictures and post them tomorrow!

I had someone ask me in my TPT store for the sheet from this activity:
I made up a little pack of Crayon Resist Sheets and its free in my TpT store here.

This week we're hitting colors and numbers big time with Brown Bear, Brown Bear and I made a Brown Bear Math Pack that is adorable! Its 50% off for the first 24 hours!

I'm off to put Sullivan to sleep and get ready for my short week! Have a fun-filled 4 days!

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