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As I was thinking of books to share with you this week, I was reminded of a day back in the spring. It was one of those mornings - woke up late because the alarm didn't go out, my boys were slowpokes getting ready and then the baby needed an outfit change right before we went out the door. In the midst of the chaos I ended up forgetting the book that I needed for my lesson that day. "Oh well," I thought, "I'll just grab it from the school library instead."

Unfortunately, when I went into the library, our sweet librarian had never heard of the book! I was floored, flabbergasted, dumbfounded! This is the sweetest book, that lends itself so well to the classroom! It's followed by another book that might even be better! I thought that it must be a popular, well-known book that we'd for sure have in our school library! Once I had enthused about the book to our librarian and got her to add it to her wishlist of books to be bought when we get money, I headed off to adjust my lesson plans. I ended up doing the lesson the next day (I packed the book in the car the night before this time!) and my kids loved it, as expected.

Anyways, because of that experience, I thought that maybe some of you out there hadn't heard of this book yet either, and I decided to share it for my linky book! How Rocket Learned to Read:

It's about Rocket, a reluctant learner. He's reluctant because he was just looking for a place to take a nap lol! But the little yellow bird assures him that he must be a student because she is his teacher - that's the kind of logic a dog can't argue his way out of!

The little yellow bird had hung a banner in the meadow, "Ah, the wondrous, mighty, gorgeous alphabet," she marveled, "Where it all begins."

The little bird starts to read a story, and soon Rocket is listening instead of napping. When she pauses at an exciting part, Rocket calls out, desperate to know more:

But the little yellow bird was gone! The next day, Rocket shows up early and asks to hear the rest of the story. The little yellow bird gives him a name tag and then begins to read. Each day she teaches him a new letter and then they start to sound out things like Mr. Barker's growl:
They do a whole lot of sounding out of words like F-A-L-L and R-E-D and WHOOSSHHHHH which is the sound the wind makes. The little yellow bird reads him stories about dogs, and about birds flying south for the winter. Then one day she flys away and reminds him "Words are built one letter at a time!"

Rocket spends the winter practicing his letters:

Spelling out words:
Spelling his friends' names:

Until finally it is spring and the little yellow bird returns! They read his favorite story, and then they read it again, and again and A-G-A-I-N!
Isn't it precious?! I love the illustrations and I love that Rocket spells out things in his everyday environment! Rocket was a hit with my students too, they asked me to reread the story over and over. The next book in the series is Rocket Writes a Story and is great for a writer's workshop!

I made this alphabet game that can go along with Rocket's story as a freebie for you! Just click the picture to go download it!

Now head on over to Mrs. Jump's Class for other book ideas!

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Oh my gosh, SO CUTE! I also linked up with this party and my book is about a dog too! :)


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