Woohooo! It's Thanksgiving Break!

I survived the two-day workweek that felt like it was 2 years long! I swear, there's something about the day before a break that makes kids forget all the rules and procedures I have spent the last 3 months teaching them! By the end of the day I just wanted to curl up in bed with a book and take a loooong nap!

We did some fun activities today, and I decided to go heavy on the pictures and light on the words tonight (or at least try to!). Here's our version of a hand print turkey with Pointillism (we love painting with q-tips!):

Gotta love our kitchen staff that gave me those nifty little plastic trays that hold a perfect serving of veggies OR just the right amount of paint for an activity like this!

We made torn paper acorns for those turkeys to eat too!

We also put our Turkeys in Disguise on display:

I got back 11 out of 21 (I have 25 kiddos technically, but 4 of them are out right now for various medical and custodial reasons). Still 11 isn't bad for our school! They all wanted to earn this:
Its the BragTag I ordered from imagestuff - my kiddos love these tags!

Here's a close up of the cuteness - we have everything from butterflies to a basketball to a ninja and Smurfette! Gotta love the over-achieving rock-start turkey too - he came with a whole poster board!

That's it for tonight! Thanks for stopping by to see all the fun! Oh, and I did the random # generator thingy and picked 2 comments from last night's post! Numbers 4 and 8 came up and they are Candace and Suzy Q! Ladies, look for something gingerbready in your email shortly!


Melanie Lloyd said...

love all the artwork! thanks so much for sharing it with us :)

Unknown said...

Looks like you had some fun! Great art!

Ms. Hutten’s Buttons

Shawna said...

Hi Jennifer,
Cute pictures! Isn't sad that we get excited that about 1/2 of the class brings back a project. The ones that came back were sure cute and the brag tag is darling! Anyway, I was just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

Unknown said...

Love your artwork! How cute! I so love Thanksgiving and Christmas - such cute artwork! :)
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