New! Supersonic Letter Song That You Need To Know!

I'm so excited to bring you a new Superhero Alphabet Activity Pack! I've teamed up with Stephen Fite of Melody House Music to create resources that go along with his songs - in this case, his Supersonic Letter Sounds song that your students will be begging you to play over and over!

The pack comes with an MP3 of the Supersonic Letter Sounds song, so you can play it  for your students at your Listening Center or on your computer. There's also a WMV file to project on your Smartboard or Promethean board!. The WMV file includes the song with easily-identifiable pictures and the corresponding letter (upper & lower case) next to it. Check out this sample:

Also included: 

 Beginning Sounds Clip Cards
My students LOVE these and they're a great SELF-CHECKING, fine motor work out! Three matching cut and paste worksheets included. 52 Cards total – 2 different pictures for each letter.
Alphabet Match-Up Cards 
26 Upper & 26 Lower Case cards combined with 26 Picture Cards. Easily differentiated, so your students match upper case to lower case or letter to beginning sound picture. As a challenge, your students can arrange them in alphabetical order!

“I have __, who has __?” Cards 
27 cards for a whole group activity featuring letter sound and visual recognition.Easily differentiated so you can play all year - start off with letter recognition i.e. “I have C. Who has F?”  and progress to letter sounds i.e. "I have /c/. Who has /f/?"!

 Write the Room
This set includes 26 cards and 2 different recording sheets so you can differentiating according to student ability and the time you want the activity to take. If your students are starting out learning their letters or your center time is short, only place a few cards around the room. Advanced students or a longer center time? Place all 26 cards out and give students the corresponding sheet! They'll love have to find all of the cards and figure out the beginning sound!

This pack is now live on both in my TPT store and on Stephen's site, so be sure to check it out! There will be more collaborations coming in the future - Stephen Fite has some AWESOME songs that my students always love. We all know that music and learning go hand in hand, and I'm so excited to be able to create activities that go along with Stephen's songs!


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