St. Patrick's Day: Traps, Magical Powder & More!

We had a blast with our St. Patrick's Day activities this week! We're on Spring Break this week, so we celebrated a week early. We had Silly McGilly visit our classroom and play harmless tricks like turning all of  the books upside down, putting gold and green gems in our Sensory Table and draping our SmartBoard in green scarves. One of my favorite things to do is have the children build Leprechaun Traps with their families - they always turn out so incredible! Here's some of the traps from this year:

I love this pipe cleaner ladder!

This trap used golden Easter eggs to try to lure the leprechaun!

Love that they used a real stick to prop open this trap!

The best thing about this trap was the surprise inside:

 It was filled with treats - enough for everyone in the class to get one of each item! Love this family!

 This mini trap was adorable - inside was a tiny lego chair for the leprechaun to rest on!

On Friday we set up all the traps right before recess:

 We sprinkled Lucky Charms cereal around the traps to attract the leprechauns.

 When we came back, all of the traps had been sprung, but we didn't catch a leprechaun :(
He did leave us milk, cookies and Magical Leprechaun Powder though!
(when we mixed the powder with milk it turned into green pudding!)

We watched the Roy G. Biv video on YoutTube and learned about the colors of the rainbow, and then created our own using scrapbook paper:

I put an arch of glue down and had the kids work on one color at a time, to simplify the process.
Here they are in the hallway, with our Torn Paper Paper Plate Leprechauns:
I had the kids cut out their own eyes, and since most couldn't do circles yet, they produced a lot of triangles, squares and rectangles! I love how it makes them even more unique!

My favorite part was turning my kiddos into leprechauns! I use this pattern to create the leprechaun hat and a beard, then took each child's photo in the costume. I printed out the photos and cut them out to display with our "If I was a leprechaun..." dictated writing.

In Math Center we used my St. Patrick's Day  Roll & Cover mats with lima beans that were spray painted green on one side:

And in Letter Center we used our green gel baggies with my St. Patrick's Day Alphabet Match-Up cards!

If you want to plan a leprechaun's visit to your classroom, check out my freebie on TPT: How to Plan a Leprechaun Visit!

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