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I'm linking up with Freebielicious again today - they have a whole week of linky parties planned! Today's theme is:

This feels like one those "ice breakers" where you have to walk around the room and find someone you don't know to tell them about yourself - not the most comfortable thing in the world (and a waste of PD time imo!)
Here are my basic stats:
Married to a soldier
We'll celebrate 17 years of marriage in September! Not bad for a courtship that was only 3 weeks before he popped the question! And the Drill Sergeants said it would never last!

5 kids
3 brunettes and 2 redheads! And yes, the older Red was trying to be funny by crossing his eyes...I had to take a dozen pictures to try to get one that was useable...trying to get all 5 of them to sit up, look at the camera and smile is like trying to put rain back into a cloud.....
The oldest is Moira, she's 16, then Robert is 13, Thomas is 11, Joshua is 8 and Sullivan will be 2 next month!

Teaching is my 5th "career" after nanny, U.S. Army soldier, TSA Security Officer, stay-at-home mom.

I'm passionate about play-based learning, free choice centers, and filling our day with lots of singing and dancing!

Thanks for wanting to learn a little about me, I hope you'll stick around and follow my blog as I document my time Herding Kats! Head back over to the linky to learn about some other bloggers too!

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