Math Monday Number Recognition Freebie!
Woohoo! It's Math Monday so I'm linking up with Laura of Kinder Kraziness again...and I actually remembered it was Monday today and woke up before noon! I am a bit terrified of starting back to school - our schedule is so off we're more like vampires at this point than anything else. I'm going to need a gallon size coffee cup to get through those first days of PD!

I was recently in Hobby Lobby (where I spent way too much on this Mother Goose. But it tells 10 nursery rhymes in a not-annoying voice! This is going to be GOLD for my nursery rhyme unit!) While I was there I picked up some beads and a package of wooden blocks and dowels:

I knew these would make a fun math activity for my kiddos - with great fine motor practice too!

I wrote the numbers 0-10 on the wooden blocks and then added the correct number of beads to each dowel, using the blocks to cap them off.

At the beginning of the school year, when my students are first learning number recognition and one to one correspondence, I'll have them arrange the blocks in numerical order. I might ask them to find me a specific number or count how many are in a set.

As my kiddos get better at counting and number recognition, I can take the top blocks off and let them put the beads on themselves! This will be a fun way to exercise their fine motor skills at the same time giving them practice with one to one correspondence!

Although I prefer to have my students doing hands-on activities like this, every once in a while, I do let my students do a "paper". Partly so they think they're "big kids" and partly so that I have a paper record of progress. I take anecdotal notes all day long, but sometimes there's nothing like showing a parent (or admin) something tangible. So, I made a little freebie for you for the beginning of the year. I always do a Woodland Animals unit in September, which leads into our Nocturnal Animals in October, so this little freebie has some cute forest friends that would go well with a Kissing Hand unit :) Just click on a picture to download and enjoy!

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Thank you do much for sharing the missing # math page. What a time saver it is to just copy it ready made. Again thank you!!
-Montessori Preschool Teacher
PS We also do mostly hands on math but the children do enjoy the cutting and gluing and then taking home their work to share with their family.

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