Balloon Painting & Farm Sensory Table

We finished up our Farm theme last week, although our chicken eggs won't be hatching until May 11th (cross your fingers for us!). I took some pictures of two of our favorite activities last week:

Balloon Painting:

This was inspired by this pin, and I was happily surprised that a) this was a Pinterest craft that worked exactly like it was supposed to and b) my kids did such different things with it!

 I filled each of the paint trays with one main color and then several drops of the other colors. Note: don't over inflate the balloons or it will be hard to fit them into the paint!

 Some kiddos were just random with the paint and colors and just piled it all on top of each other.
 Some chose to do rows of splotches so that the colors didn't mix.

 This little guy figured out how to make huge balloon splotches rather than the smaller ones his classmates were making.

 The results were all unique - on some pictures you could see each individual paint splotch, while others had an almost tie-dyed effect!

The kids loved the novelty of painting with a balloon, and the pictures came out so beautifully that this is definitely a must-repeat activity! I'd call this a Pinterest-Win lol.

My kiddos also loved our Farm Sensory Table:
A little bit of Easter grass, a pizza pan painted blue for the water, a container of dirt and another of corn and beans made this just the right home for our Farm Animals!

About halfway through the week one of my little guys came to me and said "Where's the farm guy?" Once I clued in that he was thinking the table should have a farmer, I was able to go and grab the farmer figure from Block Center to put in the table. It's amazing what the kids think of that as a teacher you say "Duh! Why didn't I think of that!" And really, why DOESN'T the farm animals set come with a farmer or two??

As a final note, look how stinking cute my neighbor's hallway display is!
Those are handprint caterpillars and handprint butterflies - adorable!

This week we're doing an Ocean Theme - wait till you see what's in our Sensory Table for that! Plus we're taking down all our Spring crafts to do an Ocean hallway display - which will be a great preview for next year since our school theme with be "Seas the Day! Children arrrghh special!" at our school! Its a combo Ocean/Pirate theme! Does your school do a school-wide theme? Do you know what your theme will be for next year? Rustle up a response below and tell me your theme (or what you wish it would be!)

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This is great!! I love the paint project and how everyone had their own unique design!