Good-bye Rhymes - FREEBIE!

Hi all! Just checking in tonight to let you know 2 things.  First, call me a proud mama because my middle son won the school Science Fair tonight with his experiment on viscosity!

Second, I updated a freebie I've had in my TPT store forever. It was one of my first products, so it needed some revamping in terms of fonts and clipart. It's one of my favorite things though! It's 20 rhyming ways to say good-bye - everything from "Give a hug, ladybug!" to "Out the door, dinosaur!". I try to incorporate rhyming into as many parts of our day as I can, because its so important for my kiddos to hear it - especially my ELLs. To support my non-readers, each farewell has a matching image. I hang these by my back door, and as I dismiss, each child indicates which way they want me to say good-bye to them. The kids love these playful phrases and its another way to create that positive classroom environment! To grab your free copy, just click the picture!

Have a great Friday!

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