100th Day in Pre-K!

On Monday we had our 100th Day of School celebration! Interestingly enough, the two kindergarten classes celebrated their 100th Days on different days last week. Somehow, no one could agree on how many days we have actually been in school!

Since it was also Groundhog Day, we started the day out by reading Let's Celebrate Groundhog Day which is a great nonfiction book for pre-k to 1st grade kiddos.

We made our predictions using my free Groundhog Day Class Prediction Graph pack. My pessimistic kiddos were spot on about their predictions with 2/3s of the class predicting more winter!

Once we had that out of the way it was time for some 100th day fun in the form of 3 new centers:

First up we had Q-tip painting!
The object was to put 10 dots of paint in each square to equal 100 dots. This was a great way for me to assess who still needs practice in making sets and who breezed thru the activity with zero help! The sheet is from Mrs Payton's FREE 100th Day Hooray pack. The kids love anything with paint, and the Q-tips made it that much more engaging!

Our other new center was building with 100 sugar cubes. I'm proud to say that no one was caught nibbling! The kiddos started out with very conservative building ideas, but with experience they were soon astonishing me with their creations!
During our morning center time, the kiddos experimented with basic wall designs.

By the end of our afternoon centers, they had progressed to more complex structures!
One of my 4 year olds built this wonder of symmetry and balance!

Our 3rd special center activity was building with 100 Solo cups. I bought the small size to fit my kiddos' little hands easier.
At first, this little sweetie's focus was on how many cups is in 100, so she tried spreading them on the ground around her.
Soon though, the kiddos were experimenting with various structures.
I loved this little guy's idea to stack the mouths of the cups together.
This smarty got the award for perseverance! His tower was knocked down no less than 3 times by careless classmates, but instead of getting upset he calmly started over each time. He couldn't reach the top layers and had to stand on a chair to place the final 3 cups!

During Math time each kiddo brought 4 crayons to the carpet and we completed this freebie from Fun Classroom Creations together as a whole group. It was a great way to see who had enough mental stamina to follow along for the whole activity, and who had difficulty transcribing what they saw me doing onto their own paper.

The culmination of our day was creating 100th Day hats and eating ice cream! (also from Mrs Payton's FREE 100th Day Hooray pack)

There you have it - simple, fun 100th Day ideas that weren't expensive and required little prep! Those are the best type of celebrations, don't you think?

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