Pumpkin Character Book Reports

Whew! There is apparently no germ like a Pre-K germ! After several years of never getting sick, I was taken out by a stomach bug this week! My assistant also missed several days due to a respiratory virus. Between one or the other of us being absent, we had a crazy week! Thus the reason I have not posted our fabulous Pumpkin Character Book Reports! So, without further ado, here they are:

Each student who completed their Pumpkin Character Book Report received this Brag Tag:
I think Brag Tags are still the most inexpensive and cutest incentives around - my students love them!

We made sweet little Ghost Bananas on Halloween too - bananas dipped in vanilla yogurt with chocolate chip eyes:
I labeled my wax paper with the student names so that they were sure to have the same banana they prepared. Here's my little tip for next year - freeze the bananas on the sticks before you dip them. I didn't, and we had many a banana escape into the yogurt and need to be fished out! The kids loved them and I loved that it was an easy, inexpensive and healthy treat! It was a great activity since we couldn't have a Halloween party ;p

Well that catches me up, I'll be back tomorrow with a Veteran's Day freebie and some November news!

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