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Have you ever wondered if maybe a different career would be a better fit? I learned, in putting together our Humpty Dumpty display, that I would not be a good brick layer. At. All. First I thought I would just paint lines on a red piece of paper (don't ask what I would have painted them with, or how I would have gotten straight lines.) Fortunately, before I could get out the paint and create a mess, my husband suggested that since the board was already black that I could just cut out the bricks and space them out so it looked like there was mortar between them. Ha! That sounded way easier than it was! This darn brick wall took me over an hour to do, and it still doesn't really look like a brick wall, unless you're feeling sorry for the artistically challenged. But, darn don't our Humptys look fantastic??

I am proud to say that most of my kiddos completed this with just a modicum of help. And, in a happy accident, my assistant mistakenly grabbed textured scissors when cutting out the arms and legs and I think it made them even cuter!

We used the Humpty Dumpty poster from my Nursery Rhyme unit, and the kids completed the emergent reader as well but you know I didn't get pics before we sent them home lol! We sang Hip Hop Humpty from Jack Hartmann about a billion times too.

Then we read Humpty Dumpty Climbs Again and the kids loved it! In this version a doctor fixes Humpty up but warns him against climbing "You really must be careful. I mean, for Pete's sake, you're an egg!"
Thus Humpty spends his time watching tv in his underwear (cue uproarious laughter from kiddos) until the Spider scares him out of his house. He ends up back at the wall where he climbs again to rescue the king's favorite horse - and then he continues to climb - wearing safety equipment of course!
I'm linking this post up to Book Talk Tuesday over at Mrs. Jump's Class - check it out for some more great book recommendations!

Finally, I have to share a cool new toy I found at the Science Museum this weekend too! I brought it in for our Math Center today and it was an instant hit -kids were fighting over who got to go to Math Center! I took this video of one of my kiddos  playing with it to show you - I'm a big fan of magnets, so this thing is enthralling to me lol! Ignore how many times I say "Good job!" I was nervous with the camera on I guess!

The Kid O 0 to 9 Magnatab is available on Amazon (pretty much the same price I paid for it at the Museum!) and there's an uppercase alphabet one as well as lowercase too! Those are going on my wish list! In case you can't tell, each number has the formation strokes and arrows to help kids form the numbers properly. They use the magnetic stylus to bring the little balls up, then turn it around and "erase" them back down - thus giving them more practice!
 I might have played with it a dozen times myself! 

I'm off to make more Brown Bear stuff - my kids loved it today! Just a reminder that my new Brown Bear Math Pack is on sale for 50% off until midnight!

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