Alphabet Freebie!

Hey all! I finally finished my Mega Alphabet Letter Sounds Pack! Wow, I think that was my biggest pack to date! It was worth it though, because I know I'll be using it all year long!

I have some friends who have already turned 5, while some JUST turned 4 (the cutoff is 4 by September 1st and we've already had 6 birthdays - 2 that just turned 4 at the end of August and 4 that turned 5 in the first week of September!) As you can imagine, their skill levels differ wildly! My oldest kiddo knows all of her upper and lowercase letters and is just working on sounds. My youngest kiddos don't know a letter from a number and the kiddos in between are just that - some working on alphabet recognition, others have some letters/sounds already mastered. It's like teaching Pre-K AND K!

(Don't you love it when they say "Can we draw on the back?" and then you see them practicing what they've learned?!)

So when I was making my Alphabet Letter Sounds Pack I knew I needed some simple activities for reinforcing letter sounds, but I also had to think up for my high group. I also wanted a mix of no-prep sheets that I could grab and go (or leave for a sub!) and some fun center activities that we could also do in small group as necessary. Almost every activity is available in black and white too, to help cut back on that ink bill!

We tried out a few of the activities today, and will be incorporating the rest as we progress. We're on Day 23 here and after doing a lot of activities with their names, most of my kiddos are familiar with a handful of letters at this point. I'm doing a little bit of Handwriting Without Tears and introducing letters in their order, just to make it simpler for my pre-k kiddos. Can you believe I have 17/20 with perfect pencil grip?!
Anyways, if you're interested in my Alphabet Letter Sounds Pack it's on sale for 30% off through Friday night. When I wake up Saturday I'll change it back to full price :)'s your freebie! My kiddos were begging me for a chance to use glue, so I made a quick sorting set for them too. We'll use the letters/numbers sheet tomorrow! If you want to grab this little pack, just click the picture!

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