Hello from Vegas!

Hello from Las Vegas! I'm here at the I Teach K conference all week - my first time away from my family in 8 years! I told my husband I need proof of life photos every morning and evening lol! Here's what he texted me yesterday:
I'm trying not to cringe at the news that since I left Sunday afternoon my family has eaten at Panda Express, IHop, Braum's AND ordered pizza! Not only will we be completely broke by the time I get home, but they will all have gained 20 pounds! I can't really complain though since I told hubby all I wanted was for everyone to survive the week. At least I know he's feeding them right? (and heck, did we really NEED those college funds?! My family's just helping out the economy right?!)

I'm having a blast in Vegas - my team is with me - Terry who teaches K, Janie who teaches T-1 and DeMarsha who is actually moving to Japan to teach K in an ESL school for the next 2 years! How awesome is that?! To make it even more awesome, she got engaged last night! Talk about a conference to remember!

Speaking of remembering, there is SO MUCH I need to remember! I am taking notes and pictures like craycray because I have been inspired in each session I've attended! So far I've seen some of my favorite bloggers in action ~ Deanna Jump, DeeDee Wills, and Kim Adsit!
Here I am with Deanna Jump - isn't she precious?!

I also met my new bestest friend Dan St. Romain who is an educational consultant who is awesome! Seriously, he's my new bestest friend because I KNOW I will be contacting him this year to help me figure out some interventions for behaviors! I'm crossing my fingers that my district will bring him in to speak, because his message is inspiring!
 Finally found someone taller than me - Pete Harry!

 The best part of today was seeing Pete and Ryan Harry in action. What a talented family! I saw their sessions back to back and I was so impressed. My favorite quote was from Ryan Harry: "What will you do that you've never done before, to become a better teacher?" I have a whole new list of songs and chants to use this year!

I'm off to dinner, I'll try to blog more tomorrow! I am so thankful to Fund For Teachers for allowing me this opportunity!

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Jody Kalnicki said... Reply to comment

I got to spend some time with in Deana Jump's sessions too. Your other sessions sound great as well. So smart to ask for a pic! I tend to get on the shy side (like I'm meeting a celebrity)!


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