End of Year Fun!

Okay, I admit it, there wasn't really a proper, solemn "ceremonial" attitude during our BragTag ceremony. Instead there were squeals of delight, lots of chatter about the different projects that we did this year, and a ton of time spent making each necklace look "just right".
 Do you know BragTags? I LOVE them! Seriously, the best incentive system I have ever used. I've raved about them so much that our Student Council is buying some for next year to use as rewards for attendance, math club and for our principal and counselor to hand out to those "caught being good"!
 Each year my husband makes my BragTag board match my classroom decor - I seriously loved our Western themed board this year!
Next year we're going to be Space themed, can't wait to see what he comes up with!

The necklaces hang in our classroom all year long. As each homework project is completed, that BragTag is added to the students' necklaces. Since I teach in a Title I school sometimes its difficult to get participation in these kind of projects, but with BragTag incentive, many more students turn in projects than before!
On the last day of school we have our BragTag ceremony. This is also an incentive for everyone to come to school on the last day! I pass out any BragTags that haven' been added to our necklaces yet and then let the kids go to town with pony beads! 
 The kids wear their necklaces for the rest of the day and they are a big hit at recess - all of the older kids wants to see which BragTags my students earned and reminisce about the BragTags they earned when they were in my class! My students take the necklaces home as a great keepsake of the year - some of my former students still have their necklaces 3 years later!

I'm already designing my BragTags for next year! You can check them out at imagestuff.com ~ they run about 36¢ each which is a steal when you consider how much we usually spend on treasure box type rewards!

The other End of Year tradition I have is to send my kiddos off with a parting gift. This year I procrastinated and didn't get my Scholastic order in until the 17th! I was pretty sure my kiddos were going to go home bookless, but Scholastic pulled through! My box was delivered the afternoon of the 22nd ~ our last day! Talk about perfect timing! Each kiddo got a book, a sand pail and shovel, a set of markers, a notebook and a pencil bag with pen, pencils, eraser and sharpener! I have to admit that most of that was extras that I culled from several classrooms! My fellow teachers were digging through their closets so I could have a full set of 26 of everything lol! I purchased the sand pails at Walmart though and let me warn you - make sure they ALL have a shovel attached! I had 4 that I had to run and switch out at the last minute!
My kiddos were so excited to see these lining our windowsill!

Well, that was my last day with the kiddos, what end of year traditions do you have? Please rustle up a comment below and share!

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