10 Things I Want To Do This Summer

I'm linking up with Mrs. Jump's Class to bring you:

1. Go to Las Vegas for I Teach K! I cannot wait for this! I wrote a grant to Funds For Teachers and my whole team is going! 5 days at the I Teach K! conference (and 5 nights on the town!) I am looking forward to meeting so many of the wonderful people I have formed online relationships with! I know I am going to come away with so much knowledge - and have tons of great memories!

2. Figure out how to do "that pre-k thing"! Yep, I'm being moved to pre-k next year, so I have to start blog-stalking, researching and creating for the little 4's who will be my new friends in August! If you know of any must-have items, must-read blogs or books, or must-do activities for Pre-K, please rustle up a comment below for me!

3. Start a new blog! Yep, this parenting of a baby with multiple allergies is TOUGH, so I want to have a blog devoted to Sullivan's journey as a little guy who can't eat wheat, eggs, dairy, fish, peanuts, or soy! Right now I'm still breastfeeding so I have to watch my diet carefully, I am dreading having to transition my little guy to "regular" food! Of course I'll also be sharing the activities we do (we made the most wonderful sensory bottles and noisy eggs the other day!)

4. Organize, organize, organize! I have to admit, as I was packing up yesterday I started off the right way, labeling boxes, putting like items together etc. However, by the end it was a total free-for-all! Things were crammed in boxes willy nilly, no labeling was done (they would have all said miscellaneous anyways lol!) and all of it was stuffed into my husband's garage. My goal for the summer is to unpack it all, organize it into my theme tubs, and tidy up the section of the garage that my husband begrudgingly allows me!
 This was my office closet this summer - needless to say it doesn't look so neat anymore!

5. Take my kids out more! Last year I was a diabetic, heavily pregnant, 40 yar old woman who FELT every year of that 4 decades! Therefore I spent most of my time resting and we didn't get to do nearly as much fun stuff as I wanted. This year we are pool-bound, zoo-bound, museum-bound, beach-bound and any-fun-place-bound! My oldest goes to college in just 3 short years, I need to treasure these summer days!
 Another thing I need is to get a picture of all 5 of them looking at the camera at once - seriously, in every picture I have someone is always either looking away, has their eyes closed or has a weird expression. How can it be so hard to get one good picture?!

6. Find a show that I can watch that will not get canceled! We started watching Surviving Jack, and it got canceled. I was watching Almost Human on Netflix, and it got canceled. One of my old stand-bys, Raising Hope got canceled this year! And, it seems like Glee is headed in that direction too! I'm thinking I need some kind of sworn affidavit from the network execs that they won't cancel a show, before I start to get invested in it!

7. Enjoy my kitchen again! During the school year I was so busy, not to mention taking care of Sullivan, that my husband took over cooking duties. He's a great cook, don't get me wrong - last night we had chicken and sausage skewers on the barbecue, with corn and rice and beans on the side! But, I miss being the chef in the house - and all my Food Network watching means I have an ocean of ideas to choose from! My kids always joke and say that Alton Brown is my boyfriend, but Cutthroat Kitchen is showing a new side of him I'm a bit afraid of!
8. Go see some movies! Up this weekend is the new X-Men movie - just because I love Hugh Jackman! Last year we didn't get to see many in theaters cause I couldn't sit for that long, so this year we are going to make up for it! Any summer movies you are dying to see?

9. Sleep! Oh my goodness, this is a big one! This whole last month of school was so busy I was going to bed after midnight and getting up at 6:30 with Sullivan. The bags under my eyes have bags! I will be napping every time Sullivan naps, I swear! I'm investing in a goose-down pillow too!

10. Relax and enjoy my husband ~ he's been a rock for me this past year, and I've taken him a bit for granted, so I'm going to plan some special dates for the two of us!
How sad is it that the most recent pic of us together is over 3 years old?!

Alright, that's my ten! Head back over to Mrs. Jump's Class to read the other blogs linking up - I know I will be reading for more ideas of things I need to add to my list!

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Deanna Jump said... Reply to comment

Jennifer, Thank you so much for linking up with me. I can't wait to see you in Vegas! Great ideas for the summer. You have adorable kids and your hubby is a KEEPER! After what he did for you on Valentine's Day he is the bomb diggity in my book! :)

Amy Abbott said... Reply to comment

Awesome post!!! Wow, I love your list! By the way, I saw your boyfriend in January- my husband and I went to the Alton Brown LIVE show in Denver! It was one word: amazing!!!

Have fun with the "pre-k" thing!!! I teach music and volunteer teach music in the 6 preschool classes at my school once a week. Those little guys are where it's at!!!

Amy (Music a la Abbott)

SassySub said... Reply to comment

I LOVE Cutthroat Kitchen. It is definitely a favorite it our household. Sometimes I pretend like I am on the show if I am out of a key ingredient in a dish...haha!

Hope you have fun at the TPT conference...wish I was going! That is so amazing you earned a grant for your whole team to go! What an awesome accomplishment!

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