Butterfly Eggs & Foxy Math!

Good morning! Is time flying for you too?! It's almost the end of the year here (less than 35 days!) and I am frantically trying to fit it all in! First up, look how cute my little man is, now that I can't eat ANYTHING:
 His eczema was exacerbated by food allergies. So far we know that he's allergic to dairy, eggs, wheat, peanuts, soy and codfish. We're still waiting on more test results so we can add to the list lol. I cut all of those foods out of my diet and he is looking and feeling much better! We're crossing our fingers that he outgrows the allergies.

In classroom news, usually I'd be doing all Spring stuff, but it wasn't really Spring weather, so we did Fox. My students LOVE the Fox. When we've been really good, we get to dance to this video:

Anything to do with the Fox gets my kiddos super motivated - which is important for this time of year lol! I created "The Fox Says Math!" pack with a ton of printables and work station activities:

We've only done about 1/2 of the printables, and my students love them. This is not really a group of kids that likes to color, but they've been going to town trying to out-color each other with these papers!
Two of our favorite activities were the Fox Fact Family Forest and Measure the Foxes!


We also did Read & Write the Room with Missing Addends, Time to the Hour & 1/2 Hour, Clothespin Cards with Number Bonds and Missing Addends, and Foxy Ten Frames for those of us still working with number sense.

Next week we're finishing up our Plant Life Cycle pack so that we can start on our Butterfly Life Cycle pack! Look what came in the mail:
 Those are teeny tiny Brassica Butterfly eggs from Carolina Biological!
 We have our butterfly net set up with lots of Brassica plants - radish, brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower!
The pamphlet said that the eggs would hatch 48-72 hours after placing the eggs on a plant, so I'm hoping we have some excitement when we come into school on Monday! I am so excited to get to see the whole development of the caterpillars!

I also got super exciting news this week: I'm teaching Pre-K next year! Well, maybe. After I said Yes! to the pre-k position a Kindergarten position opened up (one of our K teachers got a job in Japan!) I've thought about going back to my admin and asking for Kindergarten instead, but either way I'm moving down next year! I love my firsties, but my heart is with the little ones!

I'm also in the TPT newsletter this week for hitting a milestone! In celebration, ALL of my Math products are 20% off from April 6th-9th!

Have a fabulous week and be sure to check back for our WINNING Science Fair Experiment later in the week!

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