St. Patrick's Day Review and Giveaway (FREEBIE!)

If you've been following my blog for a while, you will know that St. Patrick's Day is a BIG DEAL in my classroom! Seriously, it's probably my favorite week of the year!
We create Leprechaun Traps and earn this lovely BragTag:
We read every Leprechaun book known to man, then write our own class books. Every day for a week, a leprechaun causes some kind of mischief in our room, and even though we try our darndest to catch him, we have yet to manage such a feat. Luckily the sly little fellow still leaves us a treat:
This year I was so excited to be given the opportunity to review The Naughty Leprechaun Story:
What a wonderful book! Although it deals more with starting the leprechaun tradition at home, it is easily adaptable to the classroom as well. My favorite part is the coin:

 This is a heavy weight coin, palm-sized that I'll feel comfortable passing around to my kiddos - no worries that it won't hold up or will somehow get broken.

The book has rhyming text, cute illustrations (love the shamrocks on each page!) and a sweet story - it teaches that luck is a consequence of hard work and not just random chance. It features twin leprechauns, Liam and Leyland.

Each day, if the children have behaved, we'll get to choose whether we want treasure (Liam's side of the coin) or ticks and treats (Leyland's side of the coin). If the children misbehave then they don't get to choose which leprechaun comes to visit that night. I love the idea of this because even if we have a bad day, we can start over the next day with a visit from a leprechaun anyways - just not one the kiddos would have wanted lol!

I plan to have Leyland pull a whole bunch of pranks (toilet paper leading from the bathroom all the way to our classroom!) while leaving just a few small treats - maybe some Smarties or small chocolate coins. Liam on the other hand will leave "School treasure": new crayons, new books (my class LOVES FlyGuy and coincidentally Scholastic has a Flyguy book for just $1 this month! Talk about a great treasure - I can buy one for each of my kids and not have to resort to ramen this month!) and maybe some special stickers and craft items. I am so excited to get this started!

The author, Stephanie Hicks, has graciously agreed to allow me to giveaway one copy of her book! Plus my friend Danielle  of  Kroger's Kindergarten created this sweet little Somewhere Over the Rainbow craft/writing set and agreed to let me give one away!

I'm throwing in my St. Patrick's Day Lucky Leprechaun Math Unit too!

To win all 3 prizes - book, craftivity and my math unit - just enter via the rafflecopter below! If you'd like to purchase The Naughty Leprechaun Story there is free 2 day shipping PLUS a guaranteed delivery date of March 15th if you order by March 8th! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
If you'd like more info about setting up a leprechaun visit to your classroom, check out this "How to Plan a Leprechaun Visit" FREEBIE!

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