Snow Days & a Flash Freebie

This week we only had school on Tuesday, for 1/2 day Wednesday and today. Talk about a wacky schedule! My kiddos have cabin fever too, which makes for a noisy classroom! We just are not used to the cold and snow here in Oklahoma.

After my conference on Monday I hit up the Kohls store across from the hotel since we don't have a Kohls in my town. I picked up the Kohls Cares books and plush animals for "Go Dog, Go", "Put Me In The Zoo" and "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb". My kiddos were so excited to see new friends to read with! I introduced the books by reading them aloud this week and set them out as a special treat for my kiddos who finish their work quickly. I tell you, they are tripping over themselves trying to finish up so they get a chance to read one of these books:

 Here are two friends reading "Go Dog, Go!"
And two more reading "Put Me In The Zoo!"

In a few weeks they'll head back to our reading center, but for now they have pride of place at carpet :) It always thrills me to see how excited my kiddos get over newq books!

Speaking of new books, our school is having a Scholastic book fair next week and tonight was the "sneak preview" for teachers. Our librarians did it up right with a fiesta theme - faux margaritas, salsa and chips and a spicy corn dip. Nothing like shopping for new books while munching yummy goodies!

My kiddos are still on a "What does the Fox say? kick. It's our extra special good behavior dance lol. I created a "The Fox Says CVC Words" Write the Room activity and I'm offering it as a Flash Freebie for the next 10 minutes. Just click on the picture to go check it out!


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