Deck the Halls with TPT!

I'm linking up with Christina over at Bainbridge, Books and Bunting for a Cyber Monday Sale Linky party! I love this idea of a "playlist" of Christmas product tunes!
 My entire store is on sale, but here are some of my favorites:

"I Saw Mommy with Science and Social Studies Resources": My Life Cycle units are packed to the gills with fun learning opportunities! Each comes with an observation journal, calendar, labeling sheets, KWL sheets, emergent reader, Life Cycle Sequencing cards and sheets,  Roll & Graph and Roll & Cover and Color by Sum activities! I have packs for Butterfly Life Cycle, Plant Life Cycle, Chicken Life Cycle, Frog Life Cycle and Praying Mantis Life Cycle - and yes, I raise each of those in the classroom each year!

"Walking in a Math Wonderland": My Ten Frame packs have added so much to my classroom! I always have a ten frame set on my math wall and frequently mix them up so my kiddos are always on the look out to see if they match up correctly. This gives them lots of practice with recognizing the quantities! We also use the smaller cards in the packs as math center activities - either matching them up and putting them in numerical order in a pocket chart or playing Memory with them. Sometimes I even pass them out and have the kids line up in numerical order when we are going somewhere - they have to do it without talking :) I have 2 packs for the Winter season - one is specifically Christmas oriented with Santa, Christmas trees and Gingerbread while the other has Penguins, Snowmen and children bundled up for winter! Check them out here:

"I've Been Dreaming of a Holiday Product": My Gingerbread Skills Pack! Nothing says holidays to me like Gingerbread! This pack has  5 Language Arts activities covering ending sounds, vowel sounds, syllable counting, and word families as well as an original Gingerbread story written by me! It also has 5 Math activities covering data analysis, time to the hour and half hour, basic addition with pictures, number sense (with ten frame support), and place value.

I hope you have fun shopping for these Holiday Hits! Be sure to check out the linky for more "songs" to add to your playlist! Remember to enter the code "CYBER" for your extra 10% off!

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