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This was my first full week back to school. We are getting into the swing of things, although mornings are still hectic - I haven't forgotten the bottles or pump any more though! Little Sullivan is showing so much personality, first thing in the morning and right when I get home from work are his active times where I can usually coax some smiles out of him - he saves his squeals for Daddy though! Here's the obligatory pic :)

I have finished assessing my kiddos in both reading and math and let me just say, I have my work cut out for me this year! I am very excited about this, because it means I'll be able to see huge growth! Last year's class was advanced, so its fun to have to start so much further back this year. I'm going to be doing a lot of sight word activities because only 7/28 kiddos knew their first 20 sight words. They're expected to know the first 100 by Christmas Break, so that's going to be a priority for me. We also have a ton of work to do in math - with comparing numbers, addition, missing addends and graphing, so I'll be working on making activities for those too.

The good news is that I'm getting a student teacher! She'll be my first one and I'm so excited! I'm a little apprehensive because we still haven't worked out all of our behavior issues and I'm hoping she has good classroom management skills because otherwise they'll eat her alive (last year's class was also much easier discipline-wise, I guess this is my year for challenges)! I set up my Class Dojo this week, mostly because we needed something for our hallway procedures and bathroom breaks. The Class Dojo app lets me use my iPhone, so there is immediate recognition for good behavior. I've tied the Class Dojo points into our clip chart so that that is still active in the classroom and I didn't want to have to set up new rewards and consequences. So far the kids are loving their little monsters and I love the random feature that picks a child for me to focus on. All of them are very conscious that it could be their turn to be recognized so they try to stay in procedure.

I'll have some pics and more news next week, I managed to forget my camera every day this week and my iPhone just doesn't take good pics! In the meantime, have you heard about the surprise sale at TPT?! Use the code "fb100k" to get 10% off, plus my store is on sale for an extra 20% off (which works out to 28% off total). Head over to my store to check out some of my seasonal items like:

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I just love seeing the pictures of your baby... such personality! Happy to hear that the "going back to work adjustment" is going so well.

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