Buggy Freebie!

Sigh...its already Sunday night :( I feel like I got so little accomplished - I really need longer weekends! I caught up on sleep yesterday, but other than that and grocery shopping, I am sadly underachieving!

Well, wait, I did manage to take a Mr.Clean pad to my stairway - it is amazing how quickly little fingerprints build up! And, I did manage to get a start on a Praying Mantis Life cycle pack - I was originally creeped out by those little guys, but after hatching them in class one year I am now a big fan - they're actually kinda cute! I also got a start on lesson plans - have to finish those up after this quick post!

Oh, and I used the random number generator thingy to pick a comment to win the Butterfly Life Cycle pack! Congrats to #9, Lisa! It's on its way via email Lisa!
If you are not Lisa, here's a small consolation prize - an Insect Themed CCVC "I have... Who has..?" game! My students love this game format - and if yours are anything like mine, this is the time of the year where you need lots of little fun breaks, otherwise you end up with the squirmy wormies, the ceaseless chatterers or the imps of destruction - I had one young lady actually use a dry erase marker on my carpet the other day! I tell you, spring time makes their little brains go haywire or something!

Anyways, you can check it out here:

And, just to infuse this post with as much Butterfly love as possible, check out this giveaway from Simply Kinder - it ends tonight so be quick! You can win a Butterfly Garden from Insect Lore!

Alright, back to the laundry and lesson plans that are waiting on me! Have a great week!

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