Fun Behavior Management Tool!

We started back to school today after our 2 week break. I was a little leery that my kiddos would forget our procedures and we'd have a rough day, but it was actually one of our best days! We had a great time, although I did have a couple who begged for a nap by mid afternoon - one little guy even gave up his recess to sit inside and lay his head down! I am hoping as the week progresses they get used to being back on school schedule.

One of the things that helped was a new whole class behavior management tool. I got this from the Target Dollar Spot (where else?!) and actually had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I couldn't pass it up for just a $1 lol!

Isn't he cute? He's a little more than a foot tall, so he's easily visible across the classroom. There are two pages of stickers with him, so we will have fun customizing him!

The deal is, we have our snowman hanging up for the whole month of January. Whenever I catch  the whole class doing the right thing, ie working quietly, walking in line procedure etc, then I choose someone to add a piece to the snowman. Today we got the sunglasses, he's apparently a very cool snowman!

If we get our snowman completed by the end of the month than we get a special prize like popcorn, or extra recess etc. It just so happens that our 100th day of school falls on Feb 1st, so chances are I can combine the two occasions via bringing in a 100th Day of school snack or incorporating 100% longer recess lol! I like this because its incentive for everyone to be good at the same time. Many of my students are good most of the time, but honestly, I would just love for everyone to do the right thing at the same time once in a while - particularly when someone comes into the room to speak with me (ie tutor, parent, principal, spec ed teacher etc). Right now I have a small group that feels that whenever we have an interruption that's the signal to crawl around, wrestle, talk and basically completely ignore procedures. They all came from a class where that was the norm last year, and so far I can't break that habit yet! But, they really seemed eager to get that snowman dressed today, so I am crossing my fingers!

I am also hoping that Target will have other sticker sets so I can continue this idea each month. I know they had a big gingerbread man one which would have been great for December. If you happen to be in Target, make sure you check the Dollar Spot for me! I am thinking a leprechaun for March, but no idea what would be good for February? Ideas?

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Mrs. Greene said... Reply to comment

Love Target Dollar Spot! What a great behavior management idea too. I haven't been to Target in awhile. You are inspiring me to make a special trip.

Thanks for sharing.


Mrs Poultney said... Reply to comment

Love the idea Jennifer. If you can't find more, perhaps you could make ones that relate to each month, just laminate and use velcro to stick on. That way you can customise it for whatever you want.
Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

Miss Squirrels said... Reply to comment

That is a great idea!!
Maybe you could dress Abe or George for Feb? :)

Marissa Prue said... Reply to comment

Sounds like we have similar classes - I feel like I can't pause for a second because insanity makes independent work and quiet times very difficult for us - it's a constant frustration for me. I appreciate your perspective though and might try something like your snowman idea to get the whole group motivated. Thank you!

What about a groundhog for February?

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