Veterans Day Plans (Freebie!)

Good evening! I am super excited tonight! I found out that I get Monday off for Veterans Day! Yay! In the past my district always had us doing professional development while the kids were out of school and since I am a veteran, I always felt slightly bitter about working on my holiday lol. But, no bitterness now, I get to stay in bed on Monday! It is especially nice since my husband also has the day off since he's in the Army. It's rare that we are both off at the same time, so we will have to do something special I guess :)

In honor of Veterans Day we will be learning Dr. Jean's Veterans Day song this week. My kids always love it and it is so easy for them to learn! I am thinking we will sing it for the school on Friday morning :) We will also be making poppies of some kind. Last year we tried these, they were super cute, but they took forever! Let me repeat that, forever! We were drowning in cut out poppies for 2 days! We may just go the torn paper route, but I'm still finalizing those plans (shh!).

I made a fun Silent E game last year for my kiddos and I just added it to my TPT store as a freebie. If you're working on cvce words this might be something fun for you to grab :) EDIT TPT is having fits and the link is sporadically not working. If it doesn't work, just try again later or you can grab it on Scribd here too.

Then, since I can never leave well enough alone, I decided to change it for my lower kiddos who are still working on cvc words. They're coming along, but still need a lot of support. I'll try to get that uploaded tomorrow - TPT is giving me fits right now!

Let me share some pictures of the poster we made for Veterans Day - our local Golden Corral asked for posters from kids to decorate the restaurant since they offer a free meal to vets on Veterans Day. This was kind of a last minute thing thrown at us, and we don't have any large construction paper left in the building, so I made do with sheets from a watercolor pad. I think they turned out kind of cute:

First, check out how sweet they looked as they were making their posters:

And here's a sampling of the finished posters:
What's that? You want to know what's on the bottom left corner? So did I! Apparently it's a wiener dog. Yep, with a wiener dog baby inside it! What does that have to do with Veterans Day? That is a question for the ages my friends! Edited - we were talking about Veterans Day again today and someone said "puppies" and it finally clicked. When I was talking about "poppies" they misunderstood me! Thus the multitude of dogs on our posters lol!

Finally, here's a bag full of those flat wooden spoons you get with individual ice cream cups. Our cafeteria was getting rid of them and offered them to me. I KNOW there's something cute to be done with them, right? Each little rubber banded pack has about 10 spoons, so there are lots of them! If you have any ideas, please Rustle Up a Response below!

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Mrs Poultney said... Reply to comment

I hope you enjoy your day with your hubby on Monday, have a lovely sleep in and restful day. I'm sure you both deserve it.
Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

krissy hutten said... Reply to comment

What about painting the wooden spoons and use them as turkey feathers? Or how about writing upper/lower case letters or numbers to make a memory game of some sort? Just a thought. Enjoy next Monday!

:) Krissy
Ms. Hutten’s Buttons

Andrea said... Reply to comment

Have a fun day off with your husband! I would have saved the spoons too! :)
Maybe sight word memory? Or different words and they could make a sentence? They would also make super cute flowers in the Spring?
Andrea :)

abqgreene said... Reply to comment

I just tried to download your wonderful freebie and TPT says the page does not exist.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

In the past, I had my students paint ice cream spoons (like the ones you have) and glue them crisscross to create a snowflake. We attached a magnet on the back to put it on the refrigerator.

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