Sunday! Currently!

Hello friends! It's the weekend! Thank goodness, because I have soooo much work to catch up on! Can you believe report cards are due on Tuesday?! I feel like just yesterday it was the first day of school!

Thanks to a Pets in the Classroom grant I went to PetCo yesterday to get a 10 gallon aquarium kit! I will show you pictures when I get it set up on Monday. I also got to go to Target and Kohl's. The picking were very slim at Target - so much Halloween stuff, very little for my classroom. I did score a good deal at Kohl's though! They had their Kohl's Cares SkippyJon Jones books and plush for 50% off, so I bought two books and a Bumbleeto plush.

I also picked up The Veleteen Rabbit book and plush, as well as Aesop's Fables book and Owl plush!

My boys got snuggly new hoodies from Kohl's too because the weather has changed big time here in Oklahoma! We went from shorts and t-shirts on Monday to needing our jackets and gloves by Friday. I know I will be cranking the classroom heater on come Monday morning. Here are my three cuties, reluctantly posing for their crazy mama.

There is a method to my madness by the way. They all need snuggly hoodies because one of our cost cutting measures at school involves turning down the heat this winter. Apparently maintenance is coming out to set our thermostats and lock them! Since I get cold very easily I have a feeling I may be teaching in mittens this winter! But, at least my boys will be warm in their classrooms!

On the teaching front...whew! I finally finished up my Fall/UnHalloween Halloween Math Unit. That was just the working title by the way. My students get so excited by all the Halloween stuff out there, but I try to stay away from real Halloween symbols like ghosts, witches and jack-o-lanterns and instead stick with candy, pumpkins, bats and spiders so as not to cause any waves. The pack is officially called "Fall Addition & Numbers Fun" and is 65 pages of addition, counting, tallying, place value, greater than/less than, and graphing activities!

Many of them can be set up as "Write the Room" activities, or just set out in a work station! It took me forever to finish it, but I am so excited to use it in my classroom! I had asked on a previous post for suggestions for it, and promised to send a free copy to a random commenter. Well I had some fabulous comments and decided to choose two comments to send the pack to. Denise and Karyn, you should have it in your inbox shortly!

I realize that it is already the 7th, but I don't feel like it's really a new month without partaking in Farley's Currently!

Most of these are self-explanatory, but I want to point out that for Books, all three names are authors of paranormal romances, specifically vampires, which of course would be perfect for October lol!

Alright, I am off to work on those lesson plans! Have a great Sunday afternoon!

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grella monsters said... Reply to comment

I came across your blog throught the linky....It is sooooo cute. Lots of great ideas!
I would love for you to visit me at


Jennifer said... Reply to comment

Jealous of your cool weather! The desert is still quite warm. I freeze at school in my classroom too. We have found very creative ways to "trick" the thermostat, including using velcro to stick a cold juice box to it. The thermostat thinks it is extra cold and turns the a/c off. Maybe it would get your heater to kick on?

NiseyT said... Reply to comment

Thanks so much for the great unit! I am so jealous you have a fall break! Have a great week!

NiseyT said... Reply to comment

Thanks so much for the great unit! I am so jealous you have a fall break! Have a great week!

Karyn said... Reply to comment

Your unit looks AMAZING! I can't wait to print it out and start using it with my kids!

A is for Apple B is for Blog

Jennifer Reck said... Reply to comment

My husband was in Oklahoma last week on business...He arrived in a flannel shirt! That didn't last long!! In Michigan, we are at 40 degrees! BRrrrr!!
Owl Things First!

School Sparks Renee said... Reply to comment

Yeah 0 we got cold weather here in Ohio, too. I'm still hoping for a bit of Indian summer as we usually get, but we'll see! Adorable Halloween math packet! Renee

grella monsters said... Reply to comment

I know I already told you, but I love your blog! Too funny we were checking each others blog at the same time! I can donate a tpt item from my store for your give away! Let me know!!!

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