Pumpkin Fun! (Freebie)

We had a great day today! Here are some pictures of our pumpkin fun:

 We had 3 different types of pumpkins that we examined, measured and scooped out!

For each pumpkin we estimated and then counted the seeds. I scooped all the seeds into baggies and then broke the kids into groups to count the seeds into these little plastic trays in sets of 10.

Here's what 346 seeds looks like broken down into 10's:

Here are the seeds from the three types of pumpkins - the first one is from our pie pumpkin, the second is from the white pumpkin and is noticeably thicker and the third is from the large pumpkin:
Tonight I am washing and roasting all of the seeds and we will compare how the different varieties taste tomorrow!

We planted seeds from each of our pumpkins. Each student chose which kind of pumpkin they wanted to plant, labeled a baggie with the pumpkin type and their name and then placed 2 seeds in the bag with a damp paper towel. In the next few weeks we will be charting which variety sprouts first!

We also had a great turnout for our Pumpkin Character Book Report:

 Isn't this buffalo adorable? I have no idea what the tongue is made out of - maybe some type of roofing material?

 Here's Gerald from Mo Willem's Elephant & Piggie series. This one really touched me because it was made by the child and his great-grandpa since he was staying with them while his parents were out of town. 

 Ok...want to know something gross? When I set this pumpkin out in the hallway after lunch it had cut up marshmallows as teeth. By the time I took this picture at the end of the day, all of the marshmallows had been pulled off and eaten!

 We had 3 different versions of Clifford!

 Love this Silverlicious pumpkin! This little girl was soooo excited to have made it - she got the book from our Book Fair and has talked of nothing else since!

This girl's daddy read her this book as a bed time story, one chapter each night. She's already reading independently way above grade level, have to give him props for being a very involved daddy!

I think this little one wins the "most props" award, again, there was a baggie of cut-up marshmallows with this one as little fake "teeth" but it did not survive even 1/2 a day :(

We also did our Favorite Candy Corn tasting! Here's our results:
As you can see the Green Apple candy corn are very popular with Original Flavor coming in 2nd. You can grab the graph for free here!
 Have you ever tried eating candy corn and peanuts? I had several teacher tell me its quite good! They told me this as i was wandering down the hall after school with my left over candy corn, looking for random kiddos to sugar-up. It was my own private mission to send as many students home on a sugar-high as possible - insert evil laugh here - and I managed to sugar up quite a few teachers as well - who knew candy corn was that popular?! 

Alright, I have seeds to wash and roast and our 50th Day to prepare for tomorrow! I created a roll & cover just for the occasion! Grab it here as a freebie!

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Crayons and Curls said... Reply to comment

Super fun!
I love pumpkins!! :)
Crayons and Curls

Jennifer Reck said... Reply to comment

I love your pumpkins! What a great idea! Was there any difference in how the seeds tasted?
Owl Things First!

Kindergarten Kids At Play said... Reply to comment

I love the different pumpkin characters! I just became your newest follower. I'm new to the blogging world and would love it if you checked min out too!


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