Winners and a Newspaper Picture!!!

I just remembered I was supposed to post winners of my little flash giveaway yesterday! So sorry! We had our Ribbon cutting ceremony - 12 of my firsties performed Debbie Clement's "Red, White and Blue" song! We even got a front page newspaper picture!

My kiddos are already begging to perform again - I have some drama bugs in my class! We are learning Debbie's "You are Wonderful" song next!  I try to have a song learned and ready so that we can perform whenever there's an opportunity - sometimes just for a whole school assembly, but also for Title I meetings etc. Nothing like kiddos performing to get parents to come to school!

Tonight was a case in point - we had a curriculum night - basically we invite parents to come and see what their kiddos will be learning this quarter and provide a take-home activity for them to practice a skill with their child. Our 4th graders perform tonight and we had a nice turn out of 4th grade parents as a result!

Tomorrow night will also be a late one - I volunteered to be on a committee for my alma mater Cameron University to help make sure their education program is doing the best it can to prepare students to be teachers. Of course, I volunteered before knew I'd be getting home past 7pm on the two previous nights lol! 

So anyways, I am a day late on posting winners, plus I can't post about what I wanted to post about because my camera walked away. This is the first time it's ever gone missing and I am praying that I just set it down someplace silly and it didn't go home with anyone. It would break my heart to think one of my firsties would do that. I try to always keep it up, but I do have a bad tendency to "set it and forget it" sometimes with papers, markers, sunglasses etc, so I always find things in the strangest places. I am hoping that I didn't "set it" somewhere where it was just too much temptation for little fingers. So please cross your fingers that I find it tomorrow!

Alright, without further ado, the winners are:

Mrs. Parker, Lisa and Susan all picked the Wild Things Ten Frames! I will be emailing you shortly ladies! Thanks to all who left comments!

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RainbowsWithinReach said... Reply to comment


Front page no less!
Thanks so much for sending me a copy. I can see what a great job they did -- there enthusiasm is contagious.

Debbie Clement

johnpeterjohn said... Reply to comment

can i know which news paper is this?
cool math for kids

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