Signs of Fall!

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Mine has been semi-productive. I did manage to get to the grocery store for a mammoth grocery shopping session, and I remembered to buy apples for making applesauce in class this week and candy corn for graphing (can you believe all the flavors it comes in now?!) We will be taste testing these next week , look for a "favorite kind of candy corn" graph freebie coming soon! I bought these packs at our post's commissary, but I imagine any of the big box stores will have them too - caramel candy corn, caramel apple candy corn, and chocolate caramel candy corn.

I also bought some extra cans for the canned food drive that my firsties are desperately trying to win.
We are in 2nd place and they are doing their darnedest to bring in cans, but many of them don't have enough food at home for their families, so I know how hard it is for them to bring in food for the Food Bank. I'd say 50% of my class is on food stamps and the other 50% are close to qualifying, so it amazes me that we have over 100 cans donated already, just from our class! Hopefully the stuff I bought today pushes us into the lead!

In another sign of Fall, we also bought these chips, and they are as tasty as they are adorable, my 4 kids loved them as a snack with fresh salsa today:

 Who could resist eating a tasty bat, ghost or pumpkin?!

I still have to submit my Target Field Trip grant tonight (cutting it close, the deadline is Oct 1st!), and do lesson plans, Lucky I don't need a lot of sleep lol.

I want to remind everyone to enter our giveaway before it ends at midnight tonight! (and just to remind you, how adorable is this Cinderella pumpkin? I can totally see doing a "storybook character pumpkin carving contest" for a Fall Carnival!)

Just click the Giveaway image to go to that post to enter before midnight! 

But, before you go, I have a question for you! I'd love it if you'd Rustle Up a Response below! I am creating a Fall/Halloween Math packet - no ghosts or witches, just some Halloween colors and candy- what skills are you teaching in October that you'd like to see in a math pack? Leave a comment with your email, naming skills you're teaching and once the pack is finished, I'll choose a random comment to win it for free! Thanks for your help!

11 Rustle Up A Response!:

Lauren said... Reply to comment

Those Halloween chips are so adorable!! We will be doing a lot of unofficial addition- not ready for the plus sign yet. I would love to see that in your packet!

Lauren C

Rachel said... Reply to comment

I'll be teaching more addition word problems. Excited to see what you create!

Holly said... Reply to comment

Oh my goodness - those fright bites are the cutest! Happy fall!!!!!!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Karyn said... Reply to comment

We are teaching tally marks (still), lots of number line activities (before/after, ten more/ten less, etc.) and addition to 12 (lots of dice games). Hope that helps! :o)

A is for Apple B is for Blog

ruthp said... Reply to comment

We'll be working on counting, graphs and more/less. Those would be great!


NiseyT said... Reply to comment

We will be working on counting, using tally marks, more than, less than, and finding the missing number.

Ash said... Reply to comment

Those tortilla chips are adorable! I have never seen them before but I want them!

Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

Suzy Q said... Reply to comment

We are doing place value, but I have one student who could use whatever your packet covers. Not even kidding!

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Sara said... Reply to comment

The caramel candy corn is AMAZING. I cannot find it anywhere now, everyone's bought it all! Have a blast with the taste test.

Miss V's Busy Bees

Who's On First? said... Reply to comment

Great job! Come join my first linky party:

Lawn Signs said... Reply to comment

I like the themed candy but not the candy corn, I have never been a huge fan it is just the texture. The Halloween chips are perfect though!

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